Friday, April 22, 2011


photo by yours truly

A Return...

Here's what has been happening in my world the past month and what I'm looking forward to most.

- missing friends. as school and jobs come to a close, more people become more busy. i literally feel as if i haven't spoken to my small group of close friends, had real conversations with, for at least a month. here's hoping this takes a turn for the better in may.

- having a love affair with martha stewart. see also: becoming more obsessed with baking from scratch.

- falling in love over and over again with one of only two current tv shows i watch, glee. BEST. SEASON EVER. i want to go to that coffee house with blaine and kurt or be in one of holly holiday's classes.

- planning my summer. to stay or fly away. it's a headache and all i wish to do is forget money and jobs and go spend the summer away.

- danielle's blog has been lovely lately. enough said.

- extremely excited for 'water for elephants' tonight. still haven't read the book, but i know the film will be beautiful. the tv spots featuring florence and the machine have been giving me goosebumps all week.

- some photos i got back from the carnival that was a few weeks ago. tried some double exposure, as you can see in my new header. LOVE. definitely going to try some DE again, they turned out so beautiful. and i rarely say that about my own photos; but i feel so proud!

- made by hank bags. always loved them, always thought she was one of the most talented people on etsy. now i am obsessed with the beauty and one-of-a-kind-ness of every single bag.

- planning my blog comeback, for real. i have four planned so far. one on recent etsy packages, one on my recent rolls of film, one on a day on the east coast and one on my love affair with macarons. Also organized everything a bit more, as you can now see some lovely things in the tabs/columns to the right.

- loving diana's blog. everything is so short, simple and sweet, which equals uber inspiring of course.

- watching mumford and sons and arcade fire LIVE from coachella last weekend. if it was that brilliant via computer, i can only imagine how wonderful it must have been in real life.

- THE ROYAL WEDDING. never anticipated that i'd be as into it that i am, but here we are. i am literally watching every possible special i can get my eyes fixed on. something i love is that they've been together for forever and aren't really young and naive like diana and charles, a true modern couple. while there will never be anyone like diana, she is such an icon; if i'm so bold to say, i do love kate middleton and her & prince williams' courtship quite more than diana and charles'.

- these upcoming films. i saw the trailer for 'crazy stupid love' before 'arthur' a few weeks ago and have been SO anxious ever since. emma stone is one of my ultimate favorites and it's so great to see her break out of the usual high school comedies. and until this trailer, i've never thought much of ryan gosling. but maybe now he'll redeem himself in this movie. (i know, i'm one of few who doesn't like him. oh well. deal.)