Monday, November 22, 2010


^ever since i was 13, for my birthday i'd have cheesecake instead of regular birthday cake. and for the past 5 years or so, my dad's made it from scratch and it is still the best cheesecake i've ever had.

a few years ago for my Christmas cards, i wrote thank-you's to all the people who had made my year amazing and gotten me through it. recently, lauren did something similar, only for her birthday. so i thought i'd take the time out to thank the following three people for all they've done for me this year. and everyone in between.

you three have been so amazing this year and always open and loving. a completely honest friendship is present with each of you and i am SO grateful and thankful to have you girls in my life and heart.

micaela - not sure where exactly to start; it's really hard to believe that it's coming on a year that we've known one another. somehow, that slow summer really did pass by quickly. caela, you have been such a caring and open-hearted friend; i told you after i received your first letter that it was like speaking to a friend i'd had for many, many years. your ability to be so open and outreaching with your heart and friendship, not just with me but with so many others as well is such an inspiration. thank you for being just an email or phone call away and for all the memories filled with laughter and love we've shared. lovelove you.

paige - you are so amazing. pretty much that. i honestly don't know what my life would be without you in it anymore, you are such a brilliant and compassionate person and friend. for all you've been through and still go through, you will always be an inspiration to me; almost like a big sister, yet four years younger, haha. the love and consideration you exude on a daily basis continues to astound me and i'm so thankful for it. at least saying 'hi' or 'how are you' to one another every day is really lovely, just being able to touch base with a person every day and know that they will answer. the conversations, laughter, and tears we share with one another will be some of my most cherished memories. love you.

bianca - oh my goodness bee. you are SO inspiring and wonderful, with your art and your heart; probably one of the most giving peple i've ever known. it's hard to put into words just how much inspiration you give me along with so many others daily. just looking at the old letters you've send me or your latest mail art zine, my head is full of so many interesting ideas. and out of getting to know you through writing and blogging, you've become one of my really good friends. even if it's just for a small chat, you always make me laugh or smile. the love, compassion, and kindness you've shown and given to me is astounding and i'm so grateful. someday i'll head down to australia to meet you and we'll have letter-writing sessions and bake all sorts of (vegan) treats. love you lady.

lauren & danielle - thank you for being two guiding lights and inspirations. lauren, for all the photos you take and words of inspiration you write. i love you and miss you so much; and hope that 2011 is much better for our friendship than 2010 was. our conversations need a way back into my life, soon. and danielle, you are such an amazing and brilliant lady. your blog posts make me laugh and then cry and then leave me with a big smile every time. the caring and giving heart you have is amazing and the little chats that pop up in my email inbox are so oddly timely; always coming when i loose most faith in people and there's a little email, for whatever about from you, haha. i hope to see our friendship grow in the next year for you are such a lovely light at the end of the tunnel.

april, jennie, megan, and marguerite - the four of you are such brilliant, inspiring, loving, caring and compassionate people. knowing some of you for a long time, the others only for a matter of months. but grouping the four of you together just seemed right. for all of you just say the right thing or ask the right questions or send thoughtful postcards or just @mention on twitter when it's needed most. this is just a little thank you and acknowledgement that i think you girls are awesome and thank you for putting a smile on my face.

to all pen pals - i wish i could give a shout out to all of you. for each and every one deserves it; the letters that come to my box are so lovely and inspiring, i'm asounded by each one after another. all 30+ of you bring something interesting and different to the table when it's time for a letter to be written and i love that, so much. thank you for the long letters, the short ones, the beautifully & elaborately decorated ones to the simple and sweet ones. lovelovelove you guys and what you bring into my life every day when i sit down at my desk to write a letter or postcard. lovelove.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

a beautiful story

harry potter and the deathly hallows (part one) will be officially released at midnight tonight.

it's the end of an era, a generational love for something. not gonna lie, i'm pretty sad; it's amazing how something can just encompass your life and your whole generations' lives, really.

honestly, i've never read the books. and just didn't want to until after all the films are done. for two reasons of that i'm afraid it will mess up my vision and view of the films and two, i honestly just never felt the need to, like a lot of people.

the films, really, are just so beautiful to me. it sounds odd, if you don't care for them, haven't seen them or just think they are a waste of time. (trust me, i've known all three.) but the story, cinematography, acting and costumes are all so wonderful and amazing; i do think they are 'films' and not just automatically filtered into the 'fantasy-comic-book-action-adventure-blockbuster' genre.

just the fact that this boy was saved, able to live because of all the love his mother had for him; and that harry puts up with so much, sacrifices so much, deals with such loss, amongst so many other things, makes him a wonderful character to me. the films show so many great aspects of life and the things that happen in it, that i think kids might not ever fully grasp without it. not just harry potter, but other books with storylines like it as well.

and i love the fact that it also shows great friendships and how they should work. the connection and love that harry, ron and hermoine have for one another is so strong and just...lovely, really; to see, watch and witness that i also think it's a great example and role model (the characters and storylines) for kids and teens to look at and know that THAT is what real friendship is like and how we should treat one another.

and it's quite funny and adorable throughout all of the movies (especially the first couple) to see them bicker and tease one another, i must say. one of my favorite moments of the entire series is in goblet of fire where they're studying and talking about the ball, where snape keeps smacking ron and harry on the head because they're not concentrating.

"hermoine, you're a girl."

"yes, spot on."

think about it, without harry potter (or any other phenomena book or book series, really) would kids even READ, read-read anymore? i don't think they would. there would, offfff couurrrrsssee be those exception to the rules, but really, i don't think that the passion to read or wanting to continue to read after all seven books would exist for people between 8 and 18 if j.k. rowling & harry potter didn't exist.

so, just be kind and know that while i may not be a super-fan, that it has affected me and it is a big part of my life, in a small way. i know some just do not get it, mostly because i just think some don't give it a chance or have issues against it, for whatever reason that could be. but for those of us who have loved it for so long, whether it be the books only, the films only, or both, tomorrow is somewhat of a big deal. just like it was when the book came out in 2007. it's the end of something that has been a part of our lives for TEN years. and it will most certainly feel odd come next summer when it's officially all over.

harry potter, i love you and your story and can't wait to witness the beginning of the end tonight.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


+ source

my twentieth birthday is looming. and i'm pretty happy about it.

nineteen was rough. and annoying meshing with heartbreak.

so sick of nineteen, i plan to have the first day i'm twenty, kick it's sorry ass. hard.

who cares if it's not twenty-one? i hate the taste of pretty much every kind of alchohol you can name.

who cares if all my friends live hundrends of miles away? i will figure out a way to be with each one of them during my twentieth year.

if spending can be kept to a minimum this week, i plan to take myself out to lunch and splurge on something.

what you may ask? well, i don't know which one(s) yet, but i have quite the plentiful ideas...




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Thursday, November 11, 2010

suicidal feet

at the beginning of october, i started my new job; working at whole foods. it's amazing, the best place i've ever worked in my life. but also, the most painful. not being used to being on my feet ALL THE TIME, has made mine hurt incredibly bad. i honestly would not be surprised if my feet looked up at me and said 'see ya!', decapitated themselves and then walked as far away from me as they could. there's blisters, puss and swollenness, oh my! and i'm so thankful to have a boss that gave me next week practically off; to rest those wounded soldiers at the bottom of my body and perhaps in that time, my new work shoes (that the company orders for you and are non-slip & apparently way more comfortable.) will have come in.

but don't let it be believed that i don't love my job and want to work there as much as possible. because it's just a brilliant place to be, with so many smiling and unique faces. one of the reasons i have always loved whole foods.

diversity is something i've always wanted more of in my life, because it's just not ever been there. so many cultures and people, in general, inspire me and give me inspiration. one of the girls in customer service, has quite a few tattoos and piercings. i LOVE that. i think that that is one of the epitomes of beauty. just the natural unique-ness someone has and it being natural, not trying to be different. (cause there are so many people who strive to be. but that's a different blog post entirely.)

there's a young man in specialty that goes by his initials, but has one of the most wonderful names, ever. it's french and even though he has no accent, it wouldn't surprise me if his parents were first generation french immigrants.

there are several other people working there that have such unique looks, personalities and culture backgrounds, it's crazy. natural red hair, super tall and quirky, scruffy beard & could be mistaken for a mumford and sons band member, two older ladies with brilliant white-gray hair & happy dispositions, one of the admins who is never in a bad mood and says the funniest things you'll ever hear & a pretty smile for days, ETC ETC. the list can go on, and i would if it was possible to describe everyone.

honestly, my feet hurt HELLA bad. (yes, i just said hella.) and i wish that the customers who are considerate, funny, sweet and interesting were more than few and far between as they have been lately. but you know what? i look at it in this way:

if at my job, if i get to speak for a good five minutes to a wonderful older irish woman, telling my how much i'll love it when i'll go and speaking about the store and travel in general. my feet can decapitate themselves, anytime.

note: in no way or sound of mind possibility would i ever cut off my feet or wish them to.