Friday, March 22, 2013

Here We Go Again

The last time I posted about my upcoming shop was over a month ago. This I know. Just like everyone else though, life caught up with me and I have fallen behind of what I wanted to have in stock to open up shop.

Either a family thing would come up or I would forget to stop by the craft store to get more felt backing and fabric glue or I would leave all my materials spewn upon my bed to awake at 4am, finding I'd fallen asleep or I would run out of time in between coming home at 6pm, making dinner and still having a bit of time to spend with that certain guy in my life.

You know what? Sometimes I really dislike being an adult.

But! Let's not get into that conversation now, shall we?

Most of my photos are ready to be posted for the shop opening, I just have a few more to photograph and then work on pricing. Be on the look out for Ren Dear to open within the next week..or two. And for a giveaway and deals happening on a dear friends blog as well.