Monday, June 20, 2011

madebyhank 1.0

As you well know by now, I love madebyhank handbags. A little while ago, I made a little purchase at Miss Katie's lovely shop; and her packaging is always so pretty, I decided to take some photos to show you guys!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

unattempted rescue

(photo by yours truly.)

This summer looked out to be quite the lonely one. I didn't know if I had a job, could pretty much tell I wouldn't be able to travel as much as I had planned, etc. Life looked kind of boring and grim and all I wanted to do was pull the sheets over my head and wish for Fall to come back to me.

As if you couldn't tell by the beginning of this post, things have turned around. Summertime has been and is looking to be oh-so-wonderful and I am so excited to get back to blogging, fully. Now that all of the headache is gone, I have been itching to post fun photos and tell silly, lovely stories.

See also; I have always believed in this notion, but it always comes back to bite you when you least expect it. That, when you're not even looking or wanting someone, they enter your life. I should have known better considering Caela met her soulmate, Marisa well into her twenties. The universe is so random and surprising in how it has people come into your life and for reasons maybe clear or maybe not.

But more on that later. I want to tell you all about a first for me that happened last Friday..

 DIM SUM! It was amazing; I'd never had it before and now I may be a tad obsessed. I spoke on the phone with Caela right before about how the first time we'd tried to go, they were close - on a Wednesday! Every day of the week they're open, but Wednesdays. C said that she'd experienced something similar with a Thai place she and Danielle had attempted to go to one time. I mean, seriously, why would you be closed on a Tuesday or Wednesday, that's so bizarre, haha.
 S, - who grew up in California around a lot more ethnic food than myself - loves Dim Sum, (if you can't tell) and I let him order off the sheet. We had a couple different kinds of savory dumplings and then these delicious (and adorable as you saw in the photo above) steamed lotus cakes.
When I went, I'd just got off work and was starving. The picture above is of the wreckage that was left after the Asian treats had been consumed. I didn't think it was that bad until I saw the photo a couple days later, haha.

What is your favorite Asian specialty? Have you ever had Dim Sum? Any weird stories of restaurants being closed on random days of the week? Tell me!