Monday, January 30, 2012

Your Wish Cake

A while back, I ordered a few things from my friend Kerri's shop, yourwishcake. She's designs such pretty, lovely things and always has some of the best packaging. You should really check out her shop or stop by her blog and say hello!

Ever since I got that pretty little necklace months ago, I've wore it at least two times a week and received countless compliments on it. I proudly tell the ladies that ask about it that my dear friend made it and where to get one themselves. Kerri is so talented and so sweet, I'm always happy to support her.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Favorite Farmer's Market

Every available Saturday I have, I head down to the farmer's market on Vanderbilt Beach and Airport. It's the closest to my house and the people are beyond nice. Most of the vendors know me by name or face and even when I have very little cash on me, I still go by just to say hi and pick up a few essentials. A couple weeks ago my friend Savannah tagged along on my weekly adventure; then her Dad and dog decided to tag along with her.

I also brought along my camera...

Waiting in my favorite boots for Savannah at Starbucks.

Some cute cougar cubs out and about. They can't have human contact beyond four months old.

Savannah, and her Dad.
Avacado tree growing massive avacados.
'Chocolate fruit'.

 One of the cutest old men ever. He grows specialty fruit and has so much knowledge about the native produce of Florida.



 The above photos are from the Worden Organic Farms stand. I buy most of my produce there. They have the best sunflower sprouts; I don't know what they put in their soil, but those sprouts are KILLER. I also love that they have people my age working at the farm and the stand. Proof that young people are actually into organic living; with fresh organic produce that came straight from the farm and not a box from some other part of the country.

 Savannah's dog is one of the sweetest and most dosile I've ever been around.

 The pottery stand. Every week there's new pieces and I always find myself wanting to buy each one.

 The macaron lady! She's one of my favorites at the market. She only sells her homemade french macarons at this market and they are seriously THE BEST I've ever had. And you can ask anyone, I've had my fair share of french macarons, they're one of my favorite desserts. The lady who makes them is always kind and willing to answer anything. Each week the variety box has different flavors just depending on what she has on hand, which I love. Last week there were some wonderful orange macarons. Yum!

 Top Dog Kitchen is another one of my favorites. This woman and her husband make all the products from scratch, organically, out of their home kitchen. My dogs love their treats and they have really unique things like deer antlers used as chew bones, ice cream, and muffins for dogs.

 Some more vendors.

 And some cute dogs being walked around.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour of my favorite farmer's market! Do you have a favorite that you visit every week or one that has something extra special like the french macaron lady? I'd love to hear about it!