Thursday, June 24, 2010

"take care of my heart -- i've left it with you."

around the time of the release of a certain franchise film, there's only one thing on my mind.

the adorable and amazing cast that plays out the tortured lovers that are bella and edward & their vampire, werewolf and human counterparts.

allow me please a few posts in this next week of utter-fan-dork-ness.

because i've fallen head over heels once again.

take a look at this gorgeous photoshoot, my favorite thus far of the cast.

copyright, Vanity Fair, December 2008


Thursday, June 17, 2010

hooray! hooray!

the shop opens today!

view and shop my fun, unique, whimsical and lovely little shop HERE!

lots of love,
- L

Monday, June 14, 2010

who i am in this moment


this moment in time i am...









a week can go by without even making a sound and here i am with teeth hurting ridiculously bad, interested in where this insane life is taking me, sick from aunt flow's visit, loving the new amazing people i met over the weekend, worried about a fellow blogger and dear friend, tired of working on stuff for my shop even though i'm extremely excited about it's opening and smiling at the thought of what i could make this summer become.

tell me, who are you in this moment?

my very first polaroids, taken over the weekend -

- L

Saturday, June 5, 2010

poisoned ocean


written by lauren nicole scott, ©2010

you feel as if the world is flying past

youself, with faces that have forgotten your


they try to stregthen your weary eyes, but

their help un-ties like a bad knot

can anyone really love her?

no one wants to be that cliche person in a

corner, weeping over nothing

sometimes you cannot help so, no matter

how many times you tell yourself to

become stronger

the pressure of persuations of your inverted

mind could possibly someday be the end of



seas crash amoung you

your heart pounding like their footsteps on

your heart now broken

fish scramble to get away from toxins

just like you did

you swam as hard from those oily terrors

but sometimes you can't outswim the

memories you wish were the present and

not just of a past

is there enough room in our ocean for


can you ever let people in like you once did

without fear of a deadly spill?


pray and hope for her tiresome soul

her body can not hold onto the passion

draining much longer

days become blurry emptyness that slip out

of her feet

as she walks forth into lives she has to live

but desires in the very least

life is beckoning, she is beckoning

but no one answers

and we watch and wonder

will anyone, answer?










Tuesday, June 1, 2010

mail, belated

^some good letter writing/reading music for you. i adore this girl and this song. LISTEN.

recently, a friend told me of a program that edits out addresses and it takes a lot less time than my old one. so hopefully i'll be posting more and more mail! for now though, here's some recent outgoings that i'm quite in love with and proud of myself for making :] -

^a reply to miss zoe, with parrots in tow.

^to the lovely shona in england, one of my favorite envelopes ever.

^reply/thank you to a wonderful new correspondent.

^sending cari a twist on the envelope, with the flaps in front where the address and stamp go.

^to one of my favorite pen-friends, miss carolee.

^note to a friend i haven't spoken to in a while.

^handmade postcard to my friend kaylyn.

^reply to bruno in brazil, envelope made using a gift bag i purchased with tons of cancellations on it.

^the circle lady to a new favorite correspondent, ashley.

^handmade postcard to one of my best friends.

^two postcards, two sisters, one artist. i sent these little gems to micaela and marianne.

^i made these two envelopes out of coffee bags i found while shopping one day and thought they'd make interesting envelopes! for the lovely and talented both, miss patty and melody.

^to amazing micaela, i had so much fun making all these postcards and probably will continue to do so with all this newfound cardboard i've got.

more mail to come soon!

also coming soon: preview of my new shop, a poem i recently wrote, more photography, artists features, and more!

love you all, thanks once again for being beyond amazing. <3
- L