Tuesday, March 30, 2010

new address!


Not sure if you noticed, but on Monday, I put up a new address! Instead of a P.O. Box, it's a P.M.B. - Personal Mail Box. Yep.

Just so it's right here, posted, I'll type it out for you:

Lauren Scott
7550 Mission Hills Dr.
Suite 306
P.M.B. 33
Naples, FL 34119

Actually, I like my box's site street name more than I like my house's street name 'Mission Hills Drive', it has a good ring to it, don't you think?

Anyway, I had planned on posting a preview photo of the Marilyn Monroe envelopes, but the addresses on the photos aren't crossed out and the program I use isn't on the computer available at the moment. I'm so excited for you all to see them, really, but I don't want to publish anyone's private address.

Well, all I can provide for you now is some of my all-time favorite Flickr photos involving mail. I know it's not the same, yada yada yada, but really, I'm doing the best I can with having most everything in boxes! :P

BTW: To Micaela L., Chris O. and Carolee W., I apologize for the wait on your letters, do not worry as I will be working on them tonight and tomorrow in the time I plan to borrow from the crazy-unpackingness that is my life right now. <3

- L

Friday, March 26, 2010

norma jeane

Well, I know from experience that moving is a pain in the butt. This time is no different; but on top of it all, I've had no mail to cheer me up, bleh. But I guess that's for the better because I'll have less things on my plate to get done.

Also, I'd just like to say that you should STOP (:P) sending mail to the 410 16th AVE address now, and I'll have a P.O. Box address for you between Saturday and Monday. I've been wanting to get one for awhile and this blog has leaned me towards it more and more, so hopefully I'll be able to find one near by. (The post office I had planned on has none available, drat!)

So, if you've sent anything in the past week to my old address, I'll probably make the drive over here every day just to check, but I will be permanently out of this house on the 1st, and moved out over the weekend.

Not to make it seem as if I've totally forgotten the basis of this blog, my incoming & outgoing mail, but it's all pretty old and most everyone has received it, so therefore I will just show you some inspiring photographs this post.

BUT! All you old-Hollywood, vintage-y, Monroe loving blogettes like myself, will be in for a treat for my next post. A couple months back I had purchased a Norma Jeane calendar with some gorgeous old photographs inside. And those of you who are tried and true Marilyn Monroe fans know that Norma Jeane was her real name; so these photographs were pre-platinum-platinum-blonde Marilyn. Well, over the past couple days in my rare free time, I've been creating them into some - of what I think are my best, next to the Paris - envelopes! A couple are already addressed because they seemed perfect for the recipient regardless if I need to send them something or not, haha; I really cannot wait for you all to see them.

Here are some lovely images I found while tumblr-ing and flickr-ing around on the internet recently...

^VIA (this is what my room looks like 80% of the time, hehe.)

1. The best piece of advice I was ever given was to love like a child.

2. If I had a million dollars to give to one charity I would give it to any charity helping the children of Rwanda .

3. If I got to choose my "last meal" it would be really good eggplant parmesan and my dad's homemade cheesecake for dessert.

4. My hair is is finally getting longer.

5. If at first you don't succeed come back later and try again.

6. I have always been very opinionated, haha.

7. Oh....and by the way.... I hate warm weather. Yes, I know I live in Florida, but that wasn't all my choice. Some day I hope to move back up north, for good. Do you prefer warm or cold weather??

Hope you all have lovely weekends! Talk to you again soon!

- L

Monday, March 22, 2010

the twenty-first century poet

John Mayer is the poet and songwriter of my generation, the 21st century poet. If you can listen to his music and not agree at least 10% of the above statement being true, then I'm not sure how you get up every morning.

Just kidding.

But really, Mayer's music is so beautiful and true, that it's somewhat un-imaginable for me to think that one could completely hate all of his music and songwriting. Granted, I don't LOVE every single song he's written or performs, but it's pretty damn close. The lyrics he writes are just so brilliant and sucker-punch you with memories and thoughts you didn't know existed or you probably had forgotten about. I'm a true fan and don't just love the big hits, in fact they're some of my lesser favorites; so here, I'd like to introduce you to my favorites of the moment and to a memorable quote by the poet.

I Don't Trust Myself With Loving You
No I'm not the man I used to be lately
See you met me at an interesting time
If my past is any sign of your future
You should be warned before I let you inside

Hold on to whatever you find baby
Hold on to whatever will get you through
Hold on to whatever you find baby
I don't trust myself with loving you

Good Love Is On The Way
Three years broken hearted
But now her ghost is finally gone
I'm done with broken people
This is me
I'm working on (cause I know)

Good love is on the way
I've been lonely but I know, I'll be okay
Good love is on the way

"I've tried every approach to living, I've tried it all. I haven't tried everything but I've tried every approach. Sometimes you have to try everything to get the approach the same but...haha. I've tried it all, I bought a bunch of stuff and I went 'Nah, I don't like that; I kind of came in and out of that a couple times. Thought I would shut myself off, I thought maybe that's cool, maybe that's what you have to do to be a genius is you have to be mad. So if you get mad before the word genius, then maybe you can get the word genius to appear, right? That doesn't work either. And I'm in a good place, I've paced myself pretty well, I'm thirty, I've seen some cool stuff, made a lot of stuff happen for myself, I've made a lot of stuff happen for myself. That's a really cool sentance when you're in your twenties, 'I made it happen for myself'.

But all that means is that I've just somehow or another found a way to synthesize love or synthesize soothing; but you can't get that and what I'm saying is I've messed with all the approaches except for one and it's gonna sound really corny but that's just LOVE. That's just LOVE. I've done everything in my life I wanna do except just give and feel love for my living.

And I don't mean like, uh, 'roman candle, firework, Hollywood hot pink love'. I mean 'I got your back' love! I don't need to hear I love you. You guys love me, I love you, we got that down.

But some of the people who will tell you that they love you are the same people who are the last to just have your back.

So I'm going to experiment with this love thing. Giving love, feeling love. I know it sounds really corny but it's the last thing I got to check out before I check out."

Here's to not reading the tabloids and seeing an artist and person for who they truly are and what they're actually trying to do and put forth into this world.

John Mayer, you're amazingly talented and I cannot wait for your next (LIVE) album.
- L

PS: Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post! I know to some of you, ten comments isn't much, but that's HUGE deal to me. So, thank you everyone, that was a wonderful little highlight of my weekend.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

a pretty package

This week I sent a belated birthday/Christmas package to my close friend Lauren. I took some pretty photos of it all, semi-inspired by The Lovely Package Exchange, to share with you. <3

All my love,
- L

Saturday, March 13, 2010

eyes like a hurricane

Uploading all the photos you see below took about two hours. Editing, placement, arrangement and finally uploading them to the post. It's days like these that I wish HTML was my second language.
Academy Awards Highlights

^Neil Patrick Harris opening the show with all the cabaret dancers; a performance that he was supposed to do with Martin Short.

^Hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin whom at the last minute had to cut all their Tiger Woods jokes because of a potential lawsuit.

^Actress in a supporting role winner Mo'Nique during her acceptance speech and with Robin Williams in the press-room afterwards. I loved her nod to Hattie McDaniel with the flower in her hair and blue dress; and cannot wait to see her performance once I get a moment to sit down and watch Precious (Netflix'ed it a week ago and still haven't watched it unfortunately).

^Actor in a supporting role winner Christoph Waltz, "Oscar and a kiss from Penelope, that's an uber bingo!". What can I say? I adore this man and his performance from Inglorious Basterds. Not sure what it is about Christoph Waltz that is SO sexy and adorable, it's that odd zsa zsa zsu thing, you know? To be completely honest, I find him much more attractive and talented than Brad Pitt, haha.

^Animated feature winner - director Pete Docter with presenters Cameron Diaz and Steve Carell. I LOVED 'Up' and of course, knew it would win, but still it's thrilling when it actually happens.

^ Hooray for the dolphins! This was one of those awesome moments I just love and remember that no one else does, haha. :P

^In Memoriam segment with music by James Taylor (singing a Beatles song). For the record: I think their selections as to who to include were perfect.

^OMG it's Taylor Lautner!!!! But really, I couldn't have been more thrilled with this nod to horror pictures. Personally, I don't LOVE scary films, but every once in a while it's good to scream. :]

^The snuggie incident.

^Actor in a lead role winner Jeff Bridges accepting his Oscar and with presenter Kate Winslet. Oh man...man you guys, man oh man; hahaha, he's such a cute old teddy bear of a man isn't he? And his little laugh/giggle was too funny as he kept doing so in sort of amazement of what it took to get to this moment in his career.

^Actress in a lead role winner Sandra Bullock accepting her award and with husband Jesse James afterwards. Personally, I still think Meryl Streep deserved it more - Seriously guys, she hasn't won in 28 years. It shouldn't matter if she's already won twice. - but who doesn't love Sandy Bullock, really? She is so cute and sweet and funny beyond belief and that acceptance speech? Whew! I get teary eyed just thinking about it. From the little things she said about her fellow nominees to her mother and then the thing she's best at, making you cry and then saying something funny to top it off - "And my lover, Meryl Streep!". Sandra Bullock is truly 'Miss Congeniality'.

^The John Hughes tribute. There are not enough words.

^"That was Na'vi for 'this seemed like a better idea in rehearsal'."

^Best director & film winner Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker (along with writer Mark Boal and stars Jeremy Renner & Anthony Mackie). Again, no words seem fit for this amazing and beautiful win for Miss Kathryn Bigelow. The fact that she was in shock and didn't really know what to say truly shows how brilliant of a person and artist she is to not think 'Of course I'm going to win'. Very rarely does a director also produce whatever film their making, so I loved the fact that she did and got an Oscar not only for directing but also for this gorgeous film. And it was completely endearing and lovely with the three main actors running up on stage and just hugging one another and jumping around everywhere. Beyond amazing and wonderful of a win for Best Direction and Best Picture for the first time in what seems like forever.

Received mail for Monday are as follows; because I haven't taken photos of the other 4 or 5 pieces of mail received since then, haha.

^The only letters I've ever received from one of my best friends, Lauren came this week and I was thrilled to see her beautiful handwriting addressed to me. Isn't her handwriting wonderful?

^Gorgeous envelope and letter received from a reader named Cari.

^Another lovely envelope and letter received from a reader in the UK named Shona.

^Turns out Miss Micaela was my partner for the 'simple somethings' swap via Coeur De La. I LOVED everything Micaela and am so happy to have had you as my partner. The little '&' sits on my shelf until it has to be packed away and the chocolate came just in time for Aunt Flow's visit. :P

^Reply letter to Miss Jennie in one of my last Paris envelopes.

^Letter in thanks to Miss Shona using canceled Australian stamps as decoration.

^Two postcards to the lovely Miss Post Muse.

^Little note to Miss Kay using very fragile mullberry paper. I hope these envelopes make it through the postal machinery!

^My part in Megan's 'stationery swap'.

^Reply letter to the delightful Misthian.

^Belated birthday card to Micaela.

^Letter in response to my dear friend Kaylyn.

^Really long letter to Sir Chris using mullberry paper. I hope it doesn't get ripped and all the pages fall out! :[

^Reply letter to a colorful reader.
Oh my goodness, that was a crazy-long post; my hands are tired! Hope I didn't bore you too much with my Academy Awards recaps; unfortunately I'm one of the few people around that isn't a part of Hollywood and still loves the brilliance and beauty of the Oscars and every single moment, not just the big acting ones. Some of you have written to me concerning not being too interested in them but caring enough about my writing to go ahead and read what I have to say. Which, really, means soooooo much and I thank you for even glancing. I know I'm an odd-ball and probably enjoy awards season and the Oscar telecast too much, but hey, I'd rather be dorky about something like this than anything else honestly. :P :] Thank you again, all you who read and or comment, I love you all tremendously.
- L
EDIT: Apparently this is a REALLY long post and takes up the entire home-page. Sorry!