Monday, January 31, 2011

instant cinnamon

recenty, i got back into flickr. my pro account is still expired and i've yet to FULLY get back into the swing of it, but i do love just exploring all my contacts photos and finding new photostreams that have gorgeous photos. like, the one i'm about to show you.

*cinnamon's photostream has been a favorite of mine ever since i joined flickr a few years ago. her photography is so simple and lovely; very athereal almost.

upon exploring flickr again in the past month or so, i've noticed a lot more instant photography on her stream; which i love. the fujifilm instax 210 is such a cute camera and despite the instax mini being more popular, i love the idea of the wide instant photograph. and all the customer reviews on amazon seem to be positive, so that's a good sign!

the fujifilm instax 210 camera.

*cinnamon's lovely photographs: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

all this to say that, my vintage polaroid land camera (210, with bellows.) has really been ticking me off lately. no lie. it just doesn't seem to want to co-operate with anything these days and never produces my photos in focus or what i actually centered images on. it might also be that in the past i've mostly used black and white photos and the first and only other time i'd used color was some vintage polaroid film i'd found on ebay before i knew you could buy it much less expensive through amazon and fujifilm.

SO, i think that i'm going to purchase the 210. (!!!) i only have amazon prime - with free 2-day shipping - for a little bit longer and have a $20 amazon card burning a hole in my pocket. so, after buying the camera and the film, i'll actually be only buying the camera, $1.50 less!

what are your thoughts on *cinnamon's beautiful photos? instant photography? any tips on how to help me out with my old polaroid land camera? have you tried out these new instant cameras? pros, cons? your comments are much appreciated!


EDIT: last i looked at the mini - it was $80 and after going to amazon to grab that link it's now $71. based on your experience, which do you think is better or will last longer..? i think the 210 is still pretty neat, with the wide photos, but the mini is pretty darn cute. input, please!


  1. Sorry, I don't know anything about either of them. :( I do really like Cinnamon's pictures though. I think my next big purchase will be a nice camera, because I've always loved the idea of photography but never really got into it. You'll have to give me some pointers when the time comes ;)

  2. I think I like the Instax 210. I like the format of the photos. Thanks for sharing these great photos, love the one of the apartment interior and the window sill.

  3. I want one of these cameras so bad. And I agrees I like the wider frame better!


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