Thursday, January 13, 2011

no good title

somehow, someway, all the inspiration i've been receiving lately has been disappearing, not being put to use. so, i'm aborting that form of action and plan to blog, photograph it, take a note, tweet or write it down in a letter every time it comes along. i've been here many other times before, saying i'll commit to something and it always goes away. well, honestly, i don't know how long it will stick, if it will. but for the first time, i actually feel like i want to change. like i want to blog every day or that i could get up earlier in the morning and not feel miserable. like i could save more money or keep up with letter writing more than i have been. it's just a feeling, that hasn't been said out loud yet. but i know it's there, and i know that these next few months are going to be amazing. somehow, yes, i can just FEEL it. there are finally good, solid, caring, wonderful people in my life who inspire me and make me smile every single day. finally enough inspiration flowing in every day that make me want to blog and not care about how many comments the posts get. currently, people are making resolutions to loose weight or 'get healthy'; where i, finally feel at home and not pressured ALL the time to be thinner. there are days where, like most women, i hate my body and never want to leave the house, but those days are few and far between anymore. it's not at full capacity yet, but something is changing within me, making me want to change, to try and plan things and figure out the plan for all things in my life.

there are a few people that need some appreciation, real thanks for being amazing; for inspiring me to live life to the fullest, every day.

danielle. her blog has REALLY been inspiring me lately. it's so lovely, sweet, adorable and funny. her and her awesome husband should have their own sitcom. plus, she uses her own photographs for every post she does, and they're GORGEOUS photos at that. if you follow her on twitter, you know how lovely she is. such an inspiration as a blogger, person and friend. thank you, miss biscuit, love you bunches.

amy. for just being her, really. every day she'll tweet something or take a photo of something that makes you smile. miss amy is one of the small handful of people whom helps me to look forward to the future, of maybe having a family. because she leads her own life, yet has a husband and family too; which many women say they have and do so happily, but seldom do i believe it. not with amy though, she never gives me any doubt that life can be awesome. thank you, schmamey, you're the bee's knees.

sarah. her jewelry is SO gorgeous and awe inspiring. as well is her blog. she takes great, simple photos and writes the stories of her life so well, you're instantly hooked into the latest post. if you haven't visited her shop or blog yet, i urge you too right away; the past few days it has been one of my main sources of inspiration. thank you sarah, for the lovelieness.

micaela & marianne. the lechuga twins have been too lovely and compassionate to me lately, i adore them so. micaela being one of my best friends and marianne slowly becoming one. over the last two weeks or so i've exchanged emails and phone calls with both of them almost consistently and it's been so wonderful, something rely on maybe. knowing their support and love isn't more than an email away. m & m, thanks so much for being good friends.

danielle. following her on twitter has been a blessing, really. she's such a sweetheart and ever since following her, i've been reading her blog nonstop. always knowing it was there, but somehow forgetting to read it all the time like others before. now though, i am addicted. she always posts the most lovely and inspiring photos, links to great shops, and great writings on day to day life with her husband. she's an inspiration in liking to amy in that she's living her own life, doing what she loves, yet has found love and kept it. when people have been married a long time, it gives me great hope; so many marriages end and i'm so happy to have found a blog that celebrates a strong marriage in contrast to a woman's other interests as well. thank you lady dinosaur, for being you.

april. somehow, i feel incredulously connected to this lady. she blogs about such relate-able things and never ceases to give me a laugh or good cry after reading her blog. honestly is her best policy and i adore it. maybe someday we can explore france or the whole fo europe together since this time didn't work out as planned; i know she'd be an awesome traveling partner. thanks april, for being honest and endearing always.

april. reconnecting through twitter has been lovely. out of nowhere sometimes, i'll get a sweet or caring response from her and i always know she means what she says. so glad to live in an age of technology, moving away from each other has been a bit easier with the loveliness that is phone calls, email, twitter and skype. thank you april, for getting back in touch & being sweet.

paige. despite not having a real conversation for a while, you as a wonderful human being always inspire me. even when we disagree. i'm so happy just to know you, as your life in general is an inspiration to keep on going through life no matter what get's thrown in your path. as with those people that mean a lot to yourself, there are no exact words to say other than thank you. you rock socks all over the world miss baker.

these articles written by lauren and found via twitter. articles that really hit home and yes, changed my life a little bit. no doubt i'll have a glass of water by my bed tonight, ;].

&& the impossible project, moreso than ever before. 35mm photography owns my heart, but polaroid is most definitely the mistress, if it needs a label.

THANK YOU. i love you. talk to you soon.


  1. aw, lauren, you're so sweet! this means a lot :)

  2. I just love the way you write....

  3. This was such a nice post. Thank you so much for including my blog. I found lots of great new ones thanks to you, too!

  4. you are such a wonderful gal! sending you all my love! <3

  5. Awww Lauren!!! That made my night!!!! Thank you so much for your kind words. I feel exactly the same way about you! I was just thinking about you and wondering how you were doing when I got your email earlier today as I was coming back to the office from my lunch break :) It was like we were thinking of each other at the exact same time :) I am here for you anytime!!! I love you! xo


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