Monday, January 24, 2011

midnight love

it's midnight, on a monday-tuesday and i'm currently in love with the following:

- 'friends' & 'how i met your mother' re-runs. they're the best cure for a head cold.
- also good for a head-cold? lots of haagan dazs sorbet. my pocket-book is so angry with me.
- dinosaur toes' new items added oh-so-often. despite not being able to afford it all, i just love looking at it. danielle is so talented, such a beautiful person inside & out and i'm so thankful our friendship is growing as blog/twitter buds.
- this photo of my caela. she's so gorgeous, it's insane.
- oh my goodness, this video is SO adorable and SO funny at the same time. you will die, no lie.
- recent vogue covergirls natalie portman & kristen stewart. they're so gorgeous and two of my style icons.
- lady sarah of sadie designs is awesome. plain and simple. i love her blog, her etsy shop and following her on twitter. i have a feeling she'll be a good blog-bud for a long time.
- april's recent blog posts on her room and general life situations; it's rare anymore to see bloggers do what blogs were intended for: journaling. photo, inspiration and random blogs (like mine) are awesome, i adore them, but it's nice to have a few journal-esque blogs mixed in, you know?
- these photos of amy & danielle. seriously- how killer are they?!
- this watch in brown from anthro. $40! i'm odd. and think that's a lot of dough to spend on a watch. despite actually needing a watch, haha.
- french macarons. obsessed. it's official. thinking about making my own after seeing this lovely post on coeur de la recently.
- glee soundtracks. enough said

inspired by micaela, as most of us are, to cheer myself up on saturday after coming down with a head cold i tried on some of my old red lipstick and snapped a few webcam shots. pardon my shirt, i took them right after work and i wear plain mens t-shirts; they make me look so boxy, i hate it.

so not to end on a debbie downer note, guess what i'm waking up SUPER early for in the morning? THE ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATIONS! so excited, you have no idea. there's always a few surprises and i'm so psyched to see who's chosen and who could be snubbed this year. you'll probably be reading this after whomever is announced, so! tell me what you think of the nominees and who you think should've been nominated, who'll win, etcetera!


(top photo by yours truly)


  1. oh my goodness, please always wear red, even when grocery shopping :) SO PRETTY!!!! (whenever i take photos in mine, it always looks orange red-- i think it's the sucky lighting? i'm not the best photographer!! haha)

    i toatlly thought of you with the nominations early this morning!

    your sweet words made me smile :) seriously! i love you! & i love your heart.

  2. Awe, those poor little ducks! It was funny though... I really like your red lipstick. Looks good on you. I'm sad to say I can't pull it off though. Trust me, I've tried. :(

  3. You look so cute! I have a watch from Walmart that was only $10.. but considering I wear it everyday, $40 would be okay too.. right? haha

  4. Friends never ever gets old. I think i've watched every episode at least 10 times <3 x

  5. You are so sweet to mention Danielle and I! :) Cute pics. ha. :) LIPPY STICK! I need to get some that reminds me.

  6. Thanks for the shout out! It made my day. :)

  7. i'm happy for our growing friendship, too :)

    oh, and i can't get enough of how i met your mother! every single episode i watch just cracks me up! i also love the new adventures of old christine.

    i'm so jealous that you can wear red lipstick. i want to, i really do, but i'm too scared!

  8. Rockin' the red, Lauren! You look stunning.

    I love the Glee soundtrack. It makes my run so much more fun!


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