Thursday, January 20, 2011

a photographers daughter

back in december, my dad got a new SLR digital camera for work and wanted to test it out amoungst different lighting, colors and background. i grew up with film cameras up until about ten-ish years ago and still prefer film over digital. to think that someday, it could even be discontiued like polaroid film is such a fear of mine; and i hate that so many people my age and even younger will never know what real photography is. but! i won't go on that rant, at least not for this post, haha.

rewind back to the topic of discussion. my dad got a new camera, wanted to test it out; and i was heading over to anthropologie to do a little bit of shopping, asked him if he wanted to come. (and mentioning that williams and sonoma is right by anthro, that helped too, haha.)

- before i was born and a short time after, my dad along with my mom had his own studio and was a wedding photographer as well as still life and portraits. if i've rarely said before, i am a photographers daughter and it's one of the many things i'm so proud to have inheireted from my dad. -

my dad had never been to anthro before, despite me being there probably 50% of the time over the Christmas season. so, kind of out-of-place looking in a store full of ladies, he walked around for about an hour just taking photos of everything. exclaiming things like 'loook at how they refurbished that!', 'that couch is awesome!' and 'i didn't know those were measuring spoons, so neat!'.

so! even though it's a bit late, i did want to show you some of the lovely photos he took. there were almsot 100 of them, but here's some that were my utmost favorites. all of the photos were taken my dad and a little bit of editing by yours truly. hope you like them!


  1. Such a neat store. One has just opened up in Little Rock, 30 minutes away. This is the closest I've ever lived to one!

  2. What a lovely shop and so lovely photos! Thanks for sharing! And thanks for your dad also! :-)

  3. Very cool photos! I hope to one day visit this much talked about and adored Anthropologie.

  4. OMG! These photos definitely wowed me. =)

  5. these are GORGEOUS!! esp. since i've never lived near an anthro, it's like your dad took me there ;)

    it's even more special because it's a passion he gave you-- i love it! both talented, like father like daughter. xoxo


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