Sunday, January 16, 2011


right now, i'll probably be at work, working a long morning shift. so excited to get up at six am, SO excited! (enough sarcasm? oh well...)

but i have a lovely thing to look forward to when i get home - the golden globes!

if you met me AFTER awards show season last year, let's just say that you've been warned. it gets obsessive; but not ugly unless you're not one for 'famous people being awarded for playing make believe' as i've heard it described.

yesssss, i love that part too, being an avid before-ceremony red carpet - on e! nonetheless -viewer and rating all the glamorous dresses as well.

but honestly and truly, i LOVE films and everything that goes into making them. when the awards for cinematography, costume design, score and screenwriting roll around (and other etc. somewhat boring awards.) i get just as excited and nervous to see who wins as to what actors, actresses and movie win the big awards of the night.

my favorites thus far have actually been all of the big contendors - 'true grit', 'black swan', 'the kings speech' 'the social network'; but if i had to pick a favorite, it would probably be 'black swan'. it's stunning visually and natalie portman's performance is INCREDIBLE.

the nominations for the academy awards are announced on the 25th, bright and early and i am SO excited to find out the nominees. despite it looking as if 'the social network' will win best picture this year, i'm secretly, strongly rooting for 'the kings speech', as i think it's the best all around film in acting, cinematography, writing and directing; 'black swan' is my favorite personally, but when owning up to THE best, i think it's 'the kings speech'.

your thoughts on awards shows? the academy awards? what about the big contenders this year - seen them/have a favorite? let me know! i'm more than interested.


  1. I'm not really a movie person and I haven't seen any of the ones you listed (though I do really want to see Black Swan), but I love watching awards shows, mostly to see all the beautiful dresses. :)

  2. Okay, I really do have to see black swan. Perhaps if I can get lots of work done this afternoon I can hit a matinee before this evening! You've convinced me. I've gotta see it!

  3. I am so with you on award nights ;) I am so excited I LOVE movies!!!!! And I hope Kings Speech also wins but Black Swan is a Bad- Ass movie!!! It is a mind bender, rollercoaster, scary, and disturbing movie. It had me at huh??? Loved it and counting down the hours ;). Work will go pretty fast ;) Good luck and eeeeeeee for awards ;). xoxo

  4. Black Swan comes out in Aus on Thursday and I plan to have seen it by Friday :-) I also need to see The Kings Speech as well seems I have alot to catch up on. Looking forward to reading more about it on your blog.

  5. I'm a little afraid to see Black Swan. It looks like a fantastically well done movie and definitely one I want to see at some point in my life, but it also looks very dark and tense so I don't think I would actually enjoy watching it, I would just appreciate it afterwards.

  6. I LOVE Awards shows too!! And I'm so sad I missed The Golden Globes in real time last night because my sister Madeline and I went to go watch "The King's Speech" with her boyfriend and his family right before the ceremony started. I absolutely LOVED that movie!! Colin Firth was AMAZING and I am so glad to see that he won. He's just perfect in any role, but especially this one. I LOVED Black Swan that I have already seen it twice :) Just an amazing movie that is so different than all the others. I can't get over how talented Natalie is! I love movies :) I love the escape they provide!

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