Thursday, February 11, 2010

wam bam, thank you ma'am

Thanks to everyone who's sent me mail so far this week! Sending lots of love your way for all the loveliness in my mailbox recently. :D

All following mail is from last Friday until today; starting with the most recent:

This little postcard came today from a reader and I was so infatuated with the fact that they had their own legal postage cancel! Very, very cool indeed.

One of Ilona's great handmade envelopes containing some fantastic vintage postage. (We swap vintage stamps with each reply we send one another :] ) I love all the little envelopes she makes from the childrens book w/ photos of sheep and lambs, so freakin' adorable!

A really wonderful letter from Megan; I'm so glad that she finally got my letter. Australian customs apparently doesn't care for American tea, they confiscated and destroyed the ones I sent her. But would you look at the hand cancel on that stamp?! It's humoungus! lovelovelove.

Reply letter from Miss Ilona with some great vintage postage on it. I forgot to take a photo of the inside flap of the envelope, it's FILLED with delicious Edward Gorey illustrations; I about died.

Miss Sheba from Perpetual Bounce sent me a cute little postcard all bright and fun. One of my favorite missives from last week.

One of my best friends Kaylyn sent me a little note from college and even though she doesn't always decorate elaborately, you can count on her to always add in a quote somewhere on the envelope, :D.

Miss Zoraida writes long letters, which I adore. Maybe after we've written to each other a bit longer I can get her to try out some mail art, ;P.

As we speak, I'm working on a couple more blogs from all the photos I just edited and went through. I started with 111 photos and in the end I narrowed it down to about half, an even 50 without even knowing it, haha.
More postal love in a bit!
You guys rock, thanks so much for all the love on my last little post!
- L
PS: I really like this layout because it's so tidy and organized, don't you? :]


  1. I love the layout. I want three columns but cant figure it out. So glad my letter got there because after i sent it i found out i hadn't put enough post on it but they must have been in a loving mood at the post office.

  2. me too megan :) (on the 3 columns)

    i can't get enough of that sheep envelope and letter.



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