Sunday, February 28, 2010

the flying tomato

Shaun White, you sexy beast.

As the olympic games come to a close tonight, I just want to let out my adoration for the wonder that is Shaun White. Yes, he is sexy, very sexy; but seriously, who else on the USA snowboarding team is THAT talented? No one can get the air that he does, no one (as to my knowledge) can invent a whole new trick, no one but him had their own private half-pipe to drop in at any time they desired to. Really, who else is as amazingly fantastic as the man you see above?

While a lot of my friends including the sweetheart Micaela have their adoration for Mr. Apolo Ohno, I totally get it. Young men in tight-ass uniforms? *melts* But there's just something, I have no idea what, that is UBER appealing about Sir White. And yes, I would have his red-haired babies.

THIS made me laugh so hard, I about fell out of my chair. And found THIS while browsing the rest of the submissions for 'Why He's Hot', just for my fellow bloggers who would rather have themselves a slice of Ohno pie.

- L


  1. haha this is great!!! made me laugh :) Shaun is pretty amazing!!! and red haired babies would be adorable but APOLO OHNO... BE STILL MY HEART!!! gorgeous!!!

    i would be the ice he spits on. hahaha


  2. Grrrreeeeeaaaatttt post! Love both these super athletes!

  3. Hahaha, I haven't followed the Olympics too closely, but there is a special place in my heart for snowboarders. :D


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