Friday, February 12, 2010

LEGO mail

My little brother and sister love LEGOs, even at 13 and 10 now. They've gotten more into building and collecting them since we moved to Florida and LEGO-land in Orlando is only a few hours away.

Well, my sister got a kit where you can build up to three different homes and it included the cutest little red mailbox and piece of mail! When she built a house, it stood out front just like a regular box and recently she made a condo-like structure where the box resides on the first floor. Too freakin' adorable if you ask me.

Then my brother ordered a mix of LEGO parts off their website and it included a little old-fashioned looking letter! I was literally 'awwwww'-ing, let me tell ya...

(ignore the visable dog hair. :/ )

- L


  1. oooh! oooh! Lego mail! I never knew it existed--- soo cute!

  2. So lovely LEGO letters, thanks for sharing!
    - I also love LEGOs though I'm almost fifty now! :)

  3. OMG! I LOVE IT! Even though I haven't played with LEGOs in forever, this is making me want to buy kits (especially this one) all for the mailbox, LOL.

  4. Just finished your letter though I can't mail it until tuesday.
    Wishing you a calming weekend!

  5. I love LEGO and find this mailbox really cute!!!
    Thanks for sharing and for this lovely entry! :)

  6. This is the best! I love the little mail - so cute. Man, this makes me want to play with LEGO.

  7. that is so cute.

    p.s. haven't forgotten about you - we've written up your postcard but always have such a hard time finding a post office. we're in africa though... so it will probably take forever!


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