Wednesday, February 3, 2010

out the door

The following are all outgoing...

A letter to Micaela...

Been sending out a lot of postcards lately:

This one goes to April.

These two to Ilona and Bianca from my 'Series of Unfortunate Events' postcard book:

This one heads to Miss Sara in Minnesota, haha:

I saw this at a bookstore and instantly thought of Ilona, so off to her it goes...

A pretty little postcard to a close friend in Ohio;

And this gem heads off to Miss Bee. It's a huge postcard, therefore lots of room for vintage postage!

Reply already sent a couple days ago to Miss Passion:

BIG blog post to come tomorrow, I was trying to finish it up tonight to post with this one, but it's too much right before I head to bed, haha. Be on the lookout for it tomorrow with a chance to get a postcard or envelope of your choosing! [HINT for tomorrow's post: ta-da!]

DISCLAIMER: I'm such a bad person for saying there'd be tons of new posts this week and I hate to say it again, but yes! I am so sorry. Hope to clear some time away tomorrow from all the crazyness of cleaning and going through stuff for the move so I can do one of the things I love, which is to blog!Please forgive me in knowing I hate not posting as well and that I truly love every one of you wonderful readers and whenever you take the time out of YOUR life to comment. :D Sincerely, - L.

Post with the most!
- L


  1. I love the first envelope, it's very original indeed, as well as I like the cards here. Blogs about mail are awesome!

  2. L, OH MY GOODNESS, I LOOOOOOOOOOVE my letter(s) from you! (lucky girl me, our first correspondence and you gave me TWO letters! thank you for keeping me company in this snowy weather)

    i can't wait to write you back! i will try and get something out to you tomorrow ;)

    I LOVED the envelope. Just so you know, i'm a HUGE Twilight fan so the vampire lips?! PERFECTION!!!!

    mail art indeed.

    i'm so glad we're friends :) xo



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