Monday, February 15, 2010


^Photo found while Google image searching 'postman'. Ain't he just adorable?

Isn't being sick just wonderful? Oh my goodness, I adore it; the stuffy-nose, constant coughing, messed-up depth perception...

Yeahhhhh right.

I don't get sick very often so when I do, it's really bad. Been unfotunate for me because I've been wanting to see a couple films, but luckily has made me catch up on some email, packing and get to work on some fun mail art...

Made some more Alex Beard and Paris envelopes which I think are some of my best yet of handmade envelopes:

All addressed and awaiting their letter insides:

Decided to lay this one aside for my next reply to Bee.

These made out of magazine ads go to Megan and Kerri...
And for those of you who haven't seen a letter up here for you, sorry! Some of them are pretty old and some of you have already received them so I feel no need to post about them.
Hope everyone had a good long weekend here in the states and got through another no-mail Monday! (Being sick and there's not much to do, I was yet again very annoyed, but onto tomorrow and the hopes of my mailbox being uber full!) I'm off to watch some more Olympics and write a few more replies. Keep warm and toasty everyone!
Lots of postal love,
- L
PS: I'm kind of anti-Valentines day because I think we should tell one another how we feel any other day of the year; but Happy be-lated V-day to those who celebrate!


  1. Oh I always get excited when i see a letter for me on your blog. Hopefully we dont have any dramas this time! The postcard with Notre Dame on it looks gorgeous. I spent last night making vintage envelopes from an old calendar. I find it very therapeutic.

  2. Beautiful envelopes! I really like the magazine ads ones - what a great idea. I'm always looking for new material to make envelopes out of!


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