Thursday, February 25, 2010


^One of my many dream creative places.

My oh my. there is a lot much to post and not enough time to do so. I've sent out a lot of mail the past week and a half but have run into some issues with the photos I took of it all. But! I can show you what didn't turn out blurry, haha:


Package w/ lots of lovely stamps to Miss Sara:

Marilyn postcard to Ilona:

Letter to Jennie of 'Good Mail Day' & Pod Post:


I got two things on Monday from the wonderful Carolee of Good Mail Day and Pod Post. Needless to mention, I was VERY excited and happy to see these missives in my mailbox...

A reply letter from the missive I sent her back in December. She hadn't checked her P.O. Box in two months! But something from a mail goddess is worth waiting for; her letter was another really great read:

And because I'd mentioned I've never read or seen a zine before, she sent me one of her own! I think it's really neat that people can publish their own magazines of sorts and in such cute little sizes.

I LOVED this envelope from Passion:

One of the best letters I've received in a LONG time from the lovely Micaela:

Cute little letter from April:

Even though it's not a Tuesday, I wanted to post two favorite things from my house before I have to take them down for packing.

The first is an old hatbox from the '50's that I bought at a yard sale off the highway last fall. It needed a good cleaning and airing out, but I fixed it up and knew exactly what I was going to do with it. Put letters inside, of course! So, now it houses the letters I receive from one of my close friends, Kaylyn, because over last summer she sent me 20+ cards and letters; she's probably the person I have the most mail from. Right now it sits on a shelf with all my other mail supplies and knick-knacks:

Another close friend of mine, Lauren, is a wonderful artist and I have some of her art hanging in my room that is so simplistic and pretty. There's another piece of art that's really lovely, but the photos got messed up; but maybe I'll use them for another 'two things tuesday', ;] . Anyway, this is a watercolor painting of a rose that hangs up on one of my high ceiling areas. (I have 12-15 foot walls/ceilings.)

Hopefully my upcoming photos won't turn out un-focused and I'll be able to post more than three. :/ I feel lucky though because I get to see what I've sent some people about a week later on their blogs, and that way it also gets some sort of documentation.

And I wanted to apologize on the late-ness of this post; I've been working on it all week and had planned on posting Wednesday then Thursday and now it's Friday, haha. Plus, I've been working on a couple other blogs to come this weekend and possibly today too if I get the time. :]

Much LOVE,
- L


  1. note to self: use better glue! so sorry!!! there was a cupcake on the front and i was excited cos i put that glitter as frosting. lol sorry for that L! next time will be better :)

    hope you managed to read my messy handwriting ! lol

    and what a great keeper of letters.

  2. So glad you liked the envelope! I was worried you would think it was weird 'cause it's kind of sideways. But that was the only way I could get the fairy ;)

  3. Yay for mail! I am just about to start my letter writing afternoon.
    Micaela sends gorgeous letters doesnt she!

  4. What a sweet sweet blog you have here!!! So happy you are participating in the mail scramble. XO

  5. So wonderful mail you have sent and received! :)

  6. That's so cute with the vintage bag! I only have a basket right now to hold my letters, but I too need a creative way to keep them! Creative and LARGE hahaha.

    I'll be writing to you soon! :D

  7. I totally love the round box with the letter, I kind of envy it, I am addicted not only to penpalling but also to boxes or anything similar to save the letters =P

    Love you blog *



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