Sunday, April 25, 2010


Being a girl who loves pretty packaging, I just could not resist a whole post on nothing but pretty package photos. Inspiration overhaul, no? Hmmm, maybe this will become a series..?
My oh my, they're all so lovely and pretty I could just eat them up...

- L


  1. by the way, did you ever get my prints?! i'm about to send you more...and this time will be sending to the address listed on your side bar <--

  2. oh, I LOVE pretty packages!!!! i have gone slighty crazy with the japanese happy tape as well. do you like swaps? they are addicting! LOL but a good way to put your packaging skills to use.

    ps. i would love to win the lottery and full my ENTIRE closet with anthro clothes too :)

  3. Thanks so much for your touching comment. It's amazing how I can relate through a computer screen.

  4. Oh my! I love all these pretty packages. My heart soars when I find a parcel in my mailbox!


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