Monday, April 5, 2010

clap, clap, clap, clap, clap your hands

Cardboard city is starting to collapse fairly well now and I should have the time now to start posting more than just once a week, haha. I’m so happy to have tons more storage in this house, which really helps my creative space and floor space; it’s nice to have unpacked only 1/3 of your things and see floor while there’s still a lot of room in your cupboards and shelves. It’s definitely not my favorite house in the world, but pretty good for this time in my life. :]

Thank you so much to all the lovelies that sent me mail last week! On account of the address change and having to drive to the post-box every day or every other day, I know my mail count will be low, but I’m kind of thankful because now I can concentrate on some great replies to you all! Every missive is brilliant but a special thank you to Micaela for great surprise mail, Bianca for another crazy-beautiful missive that I literally cannot stop staring at, Cari for the awesome envelope that I wish I could’ve pulled out of my old mailbox myself and Kerri for the GORGEOUS envelope and letter, I wish you’d write more! <3

This is my all-time favorite youtube video. Posting it here for all you cat loving letter-writer lovelies...

Here are the Norma Jeane envelopes! Only half-ish of them are done and photographed as you see, so if anyone wants one, let me know! I cannot promise anything as I’m still trying to figure out envelope template placement on a lot of them because they’re HUGE photos off the calendar, (The back shows you can tear them out and frame them, larger than an 8x10.) but will do my best!


^Micaela’s was the one that sparked the idea to turn as many as possible into envelopes; it was somewhat of an experiment to be honest, and I’m so happy with how it turned out. The ‘free t-shirt’ sticker came from an old issue of Nylon magazine, which I am now in regret of not making copies of as it’s a great little thing to stick on small envelopes, haha. And oh my goodness, I am seriously in love with these art stamps and it’s been hard to use anything but them. Vintage stamps, now’s as good a time as ever to apologize for cheating on you. But I can’t promise I’ll be faithful. *SHAME*

^Faces and quotes for marvelous Megan in Australia.

^A girl and her circles for Eric.

^My way overdue reply to the brilliant Carolee. One of the most labor-intensive envelopes I’ve made as I traced a template twice; once for thick paper that would hold up through the postal system and then one for some tissue paper with red swirls on it. I pasted the tissue on top of the paper and wa-la! Durable and safe envelope that’s also really pretty (if I do say so myself).


^The amazing missive from Bianca; I never photographed the inside contents, but they were brilliant: her letter of course, postcards, a few labels, stickers, mail-tag and one of her rainbow bracelets. :D

^Surprise mail from ‘Caela!! Her note was so nice and I plan to send a little response after I write a couple more replies. <3

^Eric writes some of the sweetest letters and am so thankful to have another great male pen-pal. Hard to believe I now have four male pen-pals! (For me anyway, it was unheard of men to write unless it was in a period film, so I am really astonished by this – granted, small – number of male writers.)

^The first non-blank-envelope from Zoraida! I was so thrilled and cannot wait to write to her how excited I was that she decorated an envelope, haha.

^Great little letter from Shona, I loved the collage-like-envelope and of course, those English-stamps just stop my heart. <3
^That fabulous envelope from Cari, oh my gosh, it was the only piece of mail Tuesday, but way exciting because of it being both b&w and being so animated. :]

^Little letter from a lovely pen pal in Germany whom is one of the sweetest and cutest international girls I know.

^A postcard from incredible Ilona; these vintage inspired little PC’s are some of my favorites that I’ve received lately.

^A lovely letter from Kerri. Isn’t it so, so, so pretty? Easy way to win my heart is by either lots of color, insane design or something very simplistic/Anthropologie looking, like the above. <3

- L


  1. So glad the packing is nearly all sorted. Seeing that letter for me has cheered me up immensely after a long day :-)

  2. oh my goodness, lovely mail! i would love a norma jeane envelope if possible !

    xo tiffany

  3. You know my love of everything Marilyn - I'm wearing her on my chest right now! - so I'd love an envelope :)

  4. L. NICOLE, how is possible that each envelope/letter you send me just gets better and better??! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED X10 the envelope of a red lipped marilyn that showed up in my mailbox today. GORGEOUS! seriously! the best envelope I've EVER received! & the art stamps- i can't get enough of them either ;)

    thank-you sooo much sweet girl!

    i've already started on your reply ;) should be posted tomorrow! xoxoxo

  5. I'm glad to see my letter arrived safely. :)
    Shona xo

  6. You have such amazing incomin mail and the outgoing mail you send .. i <3 it Lauren :)
    Also i wanted to let you know that im hosting my very first giveaway can enter the giveaway here ..i hope you'll drop in to participate ..

  7. I love the mail you got and send. I really would love to receive such nice envelopes as well. I love the Marylin Monroe envelopes. I never really liked her, but on the envelopes she looks really nice and sweet. =)

  8. Oh My goodness, it looks like you totally have your hands full! but if you ever need another penpal, all the way from New Zealand, I would love love love to write to you.

    shewaitsforwhispers[at]ymail[dot]com is my email address, maybe we could exchange postal ones?

  9. All this mail is amazing. I love getting things in the post so much I am hosting a mail swap at my blog right now. I think it might be something you would be interested in. Check it out!


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