Friday, April 9, 2010

my photography [part one]

Photography. It's my passion, my love, my hobby, my art and my number one career choice. For some reason I rarely talk about it anymore and that's about to change. I've taken an [unknown until now] break from it and am excited to start being passionate about my art again. Even though it's highly improbable, I do believe there are bits and pieces of film in my veins as my Mother's Father was and is a photographer and my Dad is and was as well. Constantly surrounded by inspiration, it's a wonder why I don't photograph SOMETHING every single day, considering how much of both my Grandfather and my Father's works are around me all the time. In later posts I will be posting some of my Grandpa's amazing black and white snapshots of himself and my [passed] Grandmother, for they are some of my greatest inspirations. But these series of posts I'm going to showcase some of my work for you to see. It would be lovely if you'd comment with your thoughts...

PART ONE: warmth

These photographs are of some of my closest friends [& a few of family] and of my Summer '09 that I love. All the photos have really warm tones and coloring to them and I always smile whenever I come across one of these in my un-packing.
[Forgot to mention that I shoot mostly on film and all of the below are scans of film shots.]

- L
PS: you can view more of my photography HERE.


  1. Lauren Nicole, you are SOOOO TALENTED! no really, beautiful work!!!!

    and the smiles are really genuine... not posed, which means you have a natural talent for it.

    GORGEOUS!!! I can't wait to see more.


  2. your photos are beautiful! i'm so excited to see more of them!

  3. These are absolutely LOVELY!!!! Such wonderful emotion captured, interesting angles, pretty scenery, honest smiles. I hope you continue on this path & share more of your beautiful work! xoxo

  4. Oh gosh, I love your photographs, there's so much life and warmth to them. I especially like the seventh one down, the portrait at the beach.

    And I just found your blog, it's such a lovely read and I'm really glad to have come across it - will definitely be following you from now on, hooray! x

  5. These are wonderful photos Lauren! I love the little crab and the bottom photo! Cant wait to see more. Your letter arrived today and I really enjoyed it, looking forward to writing back.

  6. WOW!! your photography is simply amazing!!

    thanks for stopping by my little blog, i enjoyed reading your comments!


  7. beautiful photos.

    i love good old-fashioned film.
    sometimes the digital craze makes my head spin.


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