Tuesday, April 20, 2010

crimson and clover

life, i'm starting to live it more. it's something i took advangtage of. and i won't anymore. the lens and it's stunning reflectors of light have come into my hands again. i'm starting to really discover myself. who i want to be. where i want to be. how i want to live. the people in my atmosphere that matter most and are closest to my heart. road miles will not block them from me anymore. this season after spring will be amazing. even if i loose all energy after it's end. my ears will be filled with music so lovely. my eyes with images by friends, newfound and true-blue, that i won't need the visuals that have disturbed my sleep anymore. i will finally be free of this body that's encased me in self-doubt and work my way into who i truly am, from the inside out. the payment received will fly me to souls i miss and need. no one knows me like them. no more surrounding myself with no one. my life and heart will be mine. no one will make me feel guilty. i own my heart. i won't let it be led astray. time to start treating myself and the people that matter most with more love than ever. time to let go. let go of material things that weigh me down. the emotional ones will be tucked away for sharing of my future self. but they shall not burden my own soul anymore. it's time. time for life. time for love. time for the soul.
Lauren Nicole


  1. Lauren,
    What a great post. You're inspiring! Own your own heart and pursue love and life with all you're worth!
    Thanks for visiting my blog... Did you find the link to my tumblr? It's www.pughs-news.tumblr.com

  2. i love this! beautiful post :)

    & i love festivals too!! i don't think Go will be playing in a theater anywhere. it might be online? it's a documentary from invisible children and since we have an IC organization at my school, the roadies came to show it to those interested!

    xo tiffany

  3. Beautiful words {and images} and wonderful insight!

  4. this is beautifully written....

  5. Reading your post I thought, that this time I really had to post a comment, telling you how very beautiful I think it is. Now I see, that all comments before use exactly this expression and I searched for a different one - but the truth remains the truth: it's just ... BEAUTIFUL!
    all the best wishes for your journey to your self!


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