Saturday, May 1, 2010

purple envelope week

^Taken by ME! Possible new header photo..? Let me know!

WHEW! All this week I've been training for my new job. I will only say that I'm one of those people that will be knocking on your door sometime in the next month so I can get a head count...

It's all very tiring and working more hours than I'm used to, but it pays well and I can set my own hours, so that's lovely, no? Even though I'm exhausted after a week of training, I've got to say that I'm really excited to be able to work again, no matter how tiring. :]

Anywho, THAT is why I have not posted this week; most nights I've basically fallen asleep without any knowledge of my doing so, waking up to my TV and lights all on; I'm a pretty big shark about saving energy, so I feel horrible about that this week. Turn a light or fan off for me, kay?

Well, here's the mail as of recently! This photo was taken on Wednesday, so other things have arrived since and will be photographed for Monday/Tuesday. Apologies about the late-ness.

Pink arrow - from miss Patty. She sends the awesomest large envelopes! Sepia photo - from the lovely Megan. Miss Megs sent me some gorgeous vintage photographs that I CANNOT wait to frame, with her letter. Small purple - from illustrious Ilona. Whom sends brilliant long letters. Owl purple - from Sophie in Australia. Anything owls or bunnies instantly makes me smile. Blue - from a reader with gorgeous handwriting. So excited to write back! Blue and white mermaid - from Melody. She always asks what I think of the stationery she uses, so cute. Hands - from Zoe in Canada. Love, love, loved receiving this envelope! Orange - from Chris. Oh my goodness, the stamps, the stamps. I died.

Oh! And these are some cute shoes I got for work that I am IN LOVE with. At first I didn't think they looked good on me but then I passed a window and was pleasantly surprised at what I saw, haha. Yay for gladiator sandals! They might be a better best friend to us ladies than chocolate.

Sending lots of love your way,
- L


  1. love your postal goodies!!!!

    and those shoes.... oh goodness i LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! where oh where did you get them? be still my heart lol

    sending lots of love YOUR way! xo

  2. ooooh your happy mail is just delightful! Would you like to exchange something perhaps? Send me your address!! shewaitsforwhispers[at]ymail[dot]com and maybe we can send some letters! oh fun! xo


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