Monday, February 28, 2011

best night ever

was going to blog about my favorite moments from my annual date with oscar last night; but all in all, the whole show was somewhat of a blur. it was GOOD, do not get me wrong, i'm one of the few that actually enjoyed it and liked the hosts. but, there wasn't any certain memorable moment like years' past. i loved, loveloved kirk douglas' little moment and seeing florence welch on stage, but not much else. the winning acting speeches (minus melissa leo, whom i love) seemed to all be able thanking people professionally and weren't as emotionally driven and interesting/memorable as years past. granted, my opinion on award show acceptance speeches has always been that they should thank more people that helped them with THE ROLE or the film they were in, not personal people; but i do like it where the speeches are really beautiful and make you well up and cry like a baby. (ahem, sandra bullock last year. forget the aftermath and it was still so emotionally amazing.)

so, instead of those super long posts like i did last year, here's just a couple highlights and my most favorite gowns/best dressed ladies of the night

- warning, still photo heavy! -

this was so adorable; i love kirk douglas and his WHOLE bit had me laughing in hysterics. until reading reviews of the show, this was the only moment i really remembered, mostly because of the sheer cute-ness and hilarity of it all. "anne hathaway, where were you when i was making pictures?!"
luke matheny, the winner for best live action short film was really cute. meaning: he did need a haircut; and the very few shots of the film they showed had me itching to find out when and/or where i could find it to view it. SO cute.
SO GOOD. enough said. love him. love her.
michelle williams was so classy and simplistic. her films aren't always my favorites, but i have always loved her fashion sense.
armie hammer and elizabeth chambers; didn't love what they were wearing so much as to just loved them. one of the cutest couples out there and i think they are probably the 'ken and barbie' in hollywood right now; so good looking, my word.

another adorable couple. i love that he learned italian for her and that he always says the most sweet and caring things about her in his acceptance speeches. timeless looking in the tuxedo as well, such a timeless actor.
honestly, out of anne hathaway's SEVEN dress changes, i only really liked this red one. the white gown she wore in the beginning of the show i liked, but wasn't head over heels for. the menswear outfit she wore for her musical number was really cute though, i have to admit.

natalie portman is so brilliant, i love her style and i love that she's SO tiny that at only 5 months(?) she's showing so much. probably the best dressed she's been all awards season.
maybe my best dressed, really! hailee steinfeld is the cutest thing ever and i love that she designed her own dress. if only we were all this classic looking at fourteen, haha.

helena bonham carter can do no wrong. end of story.
if only she'd looked like this the entire awards season! so natural, simple and pretty; i mean, SO pretty on her. she looked like a genuine movie star in this gown.
can you believe she had a baby just over a month ago?! INSANE. she is one of the most beautiful actresses of all time, no doubt about it. and javier bardem, man oh man, my mom had me cracking up at her comments like 'if your dad ever passes away before me, man, javier is it for me. i mean..DAMN!'
a lot of people didn't like this; but it's kind of similar to the HBC thing, i LOVE florence welch and in my book can do no wrong. she's one of my most favorite artists and i adore her fashion sense, and her performance that night = AMAZING. love. her.
most likely my favorite. again, i have the opposite taste of the critics, but i REALLY REALLY loved this, so amazing and she wears it like it was made just for her. cate blanchett is stunning in lilac, and i loved the yellow back so much. PERFECTION.

amy adams should wear navy more often. ahem, sparkly navy. oh my, this is so stunning and i loved the emerald accents that she picked out to go with it. could have lived without the necklace, but all in all, so gorgeous.

(all images from NY Daily News, Huffington Post and People.)

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