Monday, March 7, 2011

life - part one

maybe i'm alone in this, i hope not, but it's a good possibility. letting go, i'm learning more about, it's a process. but this, is somewhat different.

is it too much to ask, to be shown favor? at least every once and a while? just because, not only for you've gone out of your way for the attention?

what is it that makes others so much more special? i don't get it. i don't know what you see in her. in him. in them. why are they so much more important that i'm the last to know or last to be mentioned in anything and everything?

question mark. question mark. question mark.

call me crazy, but it does feel good to be noticed and favored over others, right? not that i would know, un-sarcastically, i would not and do not know.


another note: what is it that makes someone so interesting that they have SO many people interested in them?

i love every one of my followers, that over a hundred people, most of whom i don't even know care to read what i write is amazing.

but sometimes i look or read a blog and wonder how they have so many people interested in 'following' it.

HEAR ME OUT. and don't think of me in a bad light, because i certainly can't be the only one, or am i?

tell me, what is it you like in a blog and makes it worth hitting that follow button. because this topic has been on my mind the past couple days.

enlighten me. be as nice or mean as you'd like.


thank you for letting me vent, sort of. it's much appreciated.


  1. I know everyone has different taste in blogs, and in reading material in general for that matter, but I like blogs that can touch on the serious stuff, but that are often light & can be funny/cute. I also like it when the blogger talks about her life, and it's a little more personal (as opposed to just a bunch of pictures from weheartit or apartment therapy). Those are the ones I often skip over.

  2. Blogs that catch my interest are ones where I have things in common with the author. They are often cute and quirky. They have lots of pictures and often make me smile/ laugh. They offer me a different perspective on things at times. And they're more positive than negative.

  3. I think that many times people forget or don't realize that a blog is not just something to be is an opportunity for interaction. Unfortunately, unless it strikes some kind of personal note with the reader or they have a blog themselves and understand that comments are the other side of a conversation, people often just read the blog, enjoy it, and then move on. I don't think it is any kind of a reflection on you.
    I lived a year in Costa Rica on a farm in the mountains near Arenal volcano, my friends and family back home couldn't understand why I wanted to do that. So to help them understand and to be able to experience with me what was going on in my life, I wrote an e-mail update every couple of weeks. I didn't do a blog since many of the people I know would never go to it.I wrote it like a letter, made it funny and chatty, telling stories about our adventures, and for months and months I got no feedback at all (except from one dear soul who is just one of the special kind of people who always reaches out and lets you know she is thinking about you). Then things got busy and I felt like no one was reading the "letters" so I stopped writing them. Within a month, practically my whole mailing list had written me an e-mail to find out why I stopped writing! They all wanted to know what was going on, but they just read it, enjoyed it and forgot to give back. I sent out a message to all saying that life had been busy, but I also mentioned that the updates were for them to share in my life, but I also wanted to share in theirs, so I would appreciate hearing from them as well. Some people made the effort, but most didn't. I kept writing the stories anyway, and if I got down and felt lonely, I thought about my one friend out of all the people I wrote, who gave back and I wrote for her.
    There is also the having to sign up to be able to post a comment that is intimidating. Some people just don't like giving their e-mail addy and the like so they aren't able to comment.
    I would encourage you that there are people reading your blog, your stats will give you some validation, but sadly most people will not comment. I hope that you will continue writing and that you will enjoy the process and use it as an opportunity for growth.
    One thing I have found is that people will comment if the subject matter falls into fun stuff,crafts,decorating, photos or about places to shop, but they are less likely to comment on things that might expose their hearts to strangers.
    If you are ever bored and want to hear some stories about life in Costa Rica, they are on the side bar of one of my blogs, It is titled: Click here to read about Binford's Costa Rican Adventure. Oh, and if you think about it, leave me a comment so I know that you've come for a visit! :)
    I hope that you find joy in what you do and that you will recieve the blessing of feedback to your blog! Elle

  4. I agree with Claire. Personal stuff is a must, even if it's just photos taken by the blogger themselves. Speaking of blogs...I can't believe how behind I am on yours. I'm going to have to do some reading!


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