Friday, February 25, 2011

we used to wait

found: clairty, love, beauty, laughter, love, compassion, generosity.

life is like a relationship, like a marriage. it takes work every now and again. you may not realize it until your heart lies there broken, the pieces flying away in the wind; but once you know that your life needs some good counseling or time to re-evaluate, it can start to show how beautiful it is yet to become.

so we're clear, my last post was not about me still feeling down or angry with anyone or being. it was about clarity and seeking more love than ever before in life.

just in the past week i've found that i'm feeling more alive and less concerned on things that i shouldn't be. not so angry and cynical. of course, my brand new eyes are still adjusting, finding focus; but i feel as though the true clarity in them will come earlier than i'd planned.

(photos from a recent shoot of mine; love the simplicity of the shots.)


  1. these are really beautiful! you have such talent my friend :)

    SO EXCITED about the Oscars! also thanks for the phone catch up last night.


  2. you have such an amazing talent, lauren! i always love looking at your pictures!

  3. Hey! Good to hear that life is on the up! We all need compassion, love and clarity in our lives, sometimes it takes time to find it.

    The photos you have taken are awesome! I especially like the third one. Did you shoot with film?

  4. Gosh these are beautiful pictures! And, yes, I think so many of the things that bother us come from us, too. Not that people aren't jerks sometimes. That's also true! Have a good weekend, friend!


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