Friday, August 27, 2010


(lovelovelove taking photobooth pictures.)


yes, england! the uk! haha, needless to say, i'm pretty darn excited about it and nervous too. there's a lot i still have to get done and figured out in a short amount of time - i'll be leaving in three weeks.

the reason for moving is because i got a job, being an au pair! the family seems really lovely and easy-going and the city where they live/i'll be staying in looks so pretty and vibrant.

up until my departure, i'm going to be getting rid of and selling a lot of things. having yard sales, book sales, selling my TV, couch and maybe my desk, my car, etc. a big part of where my money is going to be coming from though, is ebay. my parents and grandparents started boxing up various different items within the last few years of things to sell. well, a lot of those items have just been sitting in taped up boxes and my (wonderfully generous) parents said that i could sell them on ebay for money towards a laptop (no, i have never had my own computer) and extra pocket money while i'm there.

some of these things won't sell because of the fact that they aren't collectible or aren't valuable at the time, economically. but! a lot of these things are so pretty and neat that if i didn't need the $$, i would totally set aside for my own (future) home.

SO! this is where you lovelies come in. now, i'm not asking you all to buy or bid on EVERYTHING, but just take a look! tell your friends! the more views, watchers, etcetera, the better. maybe you'll see something for a swap you're in or something that you know a friend or family member will like for the holidays coming up.

i don't want to sound greedy in any form, but i am asking for help. every penny, quarter, dollar helps me get there, be prepared, go sightseeing on the weekends; whatever else i decide to do during my first four months. (after reading a ton of guidebooks fro the library, i decided i'm going to take a weekend to go up to liverpool and visit all the beatle-ey places. the actual penny lane? a real strawberry fields? YES!)

and it's perfectly fine if you can't contribute anything, really. not going to hurt my feelings or think no one cares. trust me, i have been there, in a tight spot financially, with my family and on my own. it stinks, but a part of life unfortunately.

whatever doesn't sell on ebay, i'll probably start a little vintage etsy store. and sorry about the horrible photos; i'm basically taking quick shots of everything just to get it up online right now.

if you don't want to buy anything, i FINALLY got my pay pal account linked to my bank and can now use it. to whomever donated some money to my paypal awhile back and it got rejected or whatever, i apologize, it took me forever to get it all fixed.

like i said, every penny counts and i really appreciate whatever you can contribute to my journey out of the slump i've been in.

i have been working on a giveaway for a little while now and once i get to the UK, i plan to get it all together, as a thank you to you amazing readers. not just for this, but because you all are so wonderful and sweet and i feel it's only right to give a little something back for all you guys have given me in support and love. :]

here is my ebay page: CLICK ME!
there will be some ending during the weekend and early next week. like i said, whatever doesn't sell, i'll open up a vintage etsy; cause i figure if it won't sell once on ebay, why waste the time and money on re-listing it?

i will combine shipping for YOU all. for regular buyers, you'd have to buy three or more items, but i won't have you guys pay any for than 5-10 on anything. really, it depends on the weight and fragility of the items, but nothing's really that heavy and packing materials don't add on pounds and pounds of weight. email me if you win more than one thing ( and i'll fix the end price for you. :]

^handmade postcard headed to micaela.

^postcards to m's darling siblings, marco and marianne.

^little note to mis april. check out her brand-new blog here!

^a reply for lovely sheba.

^my response to lady sally.

^a fun envelope for passion.

^reply for wonderful gracie.

buckets of love and hope,
- L


  1. congrats on the big move- SO exciting! I'm in the broke student phase of my life but I wish you the best of luck funding your trip.

  2. That's great news! When do you move? You're on my letter-writing list, so I'd love to know whether to wait or send? Which part of the UK are you moving to? We'll have to arrange a visit or some such, even though you don't know me from Adam. You must be so excited!

  3. congrats lovely! such an exciting time, i'm looking forward to heading over there next year.. adventure awaits!! your ebay page is loading as i type this so will check it out & see if i can help. look forward to reading of your adventures, i love your blog! xxx

  4. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! That is so so exciting. I hope you have a ball there. I want to know all the details :D How wonderful.

  5. Yay! Where will you be moving to? Hope the rain clears up before you come. Bring your wells! ;) Oh and a beautiful letter for me! I'm so excited :) xxxxx

  6. Congrats on your big move. I always wanted to go to England.

  7. Oh my gosh that's so crazy! And so super cool! I'm extremely happy for you my dear : ) I'm looking forward to hearing all about your adventures in England!!

  8. Good luck to you coming here to blighty! I would gladly do a swap with you if I could.....

  9. I'M SOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU! could not happen to a better person!

    and... I'M SO THRILLED to have won my bids! ;) and can't wait to see what you add in the upcoming weeks. i just shared your shop on le blog for my sunday feature ;)

    LOVE your outgoing pics! your decorations are always so fabulous x

  10. I am SO excited for you . What an amazing opportunity!!!
    Glad you opened up shop and am anxious to see what books, records you will have to add. xoxo

  11. woah! that's fantastic! i was so excited about your news that i almost didn't see the lovely letter headed my way! woohoo!

  12. Congratulations L!!!! I'm still smiling since the first time you told me about your AMAZING news :) I'm extremely jealous, but oh SO happy for you! :) You deserve this big adventure. You are living my dream!! So you must tell me alllllllll about it when you get there so I can live vicariously through you. Can't wait to go shopping at your ebay shop :) xoxo

  13. That is extremely exciting!! I wanted to be an au pair once upon a time. I hope you have a wonderful experience.

    Yay for mail. I can't wait to receive my letter. I guess your new address will be in England :)

  14. That's so exciting, congrats on the move!!!

  15. hi there i'm new to your blog and i've got to say congratulations! that seems like an awesome job to be able to move to another country and just experience life on a different end. have tons of fun and good luck with your move!

  16. Awesome! Congrats and GOOD LUCK with the move!

  17. did you already sell all your items?!!?!


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