Friday, August 13, 2010

in and outbound

here is a super-massive mail post, just for you readers!
i made these inbound and outbound tags this week; they're from a photo of a package i received with the postal services' 'we care' wrapping on it, that i took all pretty-like awhile back. :]

^bianca's AMAZING envelope; her letters are some of my favorites and she included a bunch of fun postcards!

^this wonderful postcard, along with much of my current incoming mail, came from a new pen-pal after seeing my post on the Good Mail Day site.

^wonderful letter from cari, as always. with the gorgeous carrie mulligan on the front!

^adorable postcard from kiyasu in taiwan.

^megan sent me a wonderful missive loaded with vintage photos! they were so wonderful meg, thanks!

^this amazing missive comes from stephanie in new york; it really is as huge of an envelope as it looks. i was surprised it fit into my box!

^ a great, encouraging note from patty in virgina.

^ i adored this simple, elegant missive from elle in los angeles. lovelovelove.

^this AMAZING, FANTASTIC envelope comes from a new pen pal in britain. i'm still working on my reply, as i want it to be just as amazing and wonderful. but oh my gosh you guys, look at those stamps!! so gorgeous. (yes, the date is from june, don't judge!)

^a cute little note from ilona. i adored the stamp of her cat she used, too cute.

^lovely surprise note from carolee in san fran.

^sheba sent me this sweet green missive.

^this GORGEOUS postcard comes from annie in san fran. i rarely get handmade postcards, so this is an extra, extra special treat. and the vintage stamps are so pretty, right?

^a wonderful first letter from gracie in australia.

^chris writes some of the best letters ever and always adds lovely postage too.

^caela's missives are the only ones that ever come in 'we care' packaging, haha. lovelovelovleove.

^my reply to stephanie made with pretty magazine clippings.

^more 'screaming girl' envelopes to come, haha; this one is for miss melody.

^a missive for megan; nice and sturdy for a long journey to australia!

^a lovely, simple letter for elle, whom's missive is one of my favorites received lately.

^ reply to ilona.

^first letter to AMAZING paige.

^missives for micaela.
postal love,
- L


  1. Yay! I'm so happy you liked it :) the Landgirl stamps are pretty rad :) xxx

  2. So beautiful as usual! I love those old postage stamps.

  3. what a glorious mailbox you have! glad you received my letter. sorry it was soooo delayed!

  4. hello, so I stumbled upon your blog-- can't help but drool over these mail goodies!

    I'm glad you received the letter, I just got yours, and it's even lovelier in person :-) Reply will soon follow. Brown envelopes have caught my fancy lately, so thank you, thank you!

  5. Oh yay! I'm glad you received my letter! I'm amazed all this beautiful mail art. I really must start getting into it. It's so beautiful! So much lovely creativity. :)

  6. What a lovely mail post! Cant wait for my letter to arrive.


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