Tuesday, August 10, 2010

who, me?

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realizing the other day that i rarely speak about my interests outside of mail and movies, i thought that i would write up a few random facts about my loves and not-so-loves lately. that is, if you're interested..it's cool if you're not, :P.

ONE - the longest time i've lived anywhere was for five years in atlanta. once the two-year mark of living somewhere rolls around, i start to get an itch for a new atmosphere and new air.

TWO - about a year ago, i made a decision never to speak about politics or social issues with good company because of the set fact that some great relationships got stomped upon whilst discussing those topics.

THREE - first concert i ever went to was the dixie chicks when i was seven. and i've never, ever, turned my back on them since then. their songs move me and inspire me in ways i won't ever be able to explain. their last album, 'taking the long way', is like a love letter to my soul. and that's all i have to say about that...

FOUR - every time i look at taylor lautner, i swear, all i see is shark boy with man boobs, sorry.

FIVE - probably not an unknown fact, but i love to dissect and analyze films. i mean, watch them with and without the commentaries and read interviews with DP's and set designers dissecting. it's not as obsessive as it could be, thank God, but it is to a point where i could determine your movie-going fate with just a simple conversation. this summer? see inception (really, no! haha) & despicable me and skip salt, trust me. i will never get those two hours of my life back.

SIX - music is becoming more and more a big part of my life. it used to fall by the wayside of films and my dying love for them and that art, but now i am really loving finding new music and letting it succumb my mind into different memories and dreams; mumford and sons, florence and the machine, the runaways, suzi quatro, (renewed loves) paramore and kings of leon.

SEVEN - mostly, i watch old tv shows and could care less about the latest teen drama, but over the summer i have fallen in love with how i met your mother. dear bambi, that is an amazing show; but i won't go on, because this could be a three hour conversation. (another blog post possibly, though.)

EIGHT - while i don't have road rage, i do talk a lot to my dashboard and say things that i feel might have possibly offended her...

NINE - i want to be in a glee club. like, now. someone send me my own personal mr. shuester.

TEN - music before the year i was born is the majority of what i listen to. i would rather dance to 'splish splash' by bobby darin and 'twist and shout' by the beatles than a song by the latest hip hop songstress.

hope it wasn't too boring! i honestly couldn't think of too many things for awhile, so, sorry a lot of them are relatively media centered, haha.

once again, you guys rock! i'm working on more things for this little blog including a giveaway and trying to incorporate more mail and creative-like things back into my weekly posts. speaking of, a mail one should be up before the end of the week with some AWESOME incoming missives; so be on the lookout!

- L


  1. I am loving the beatles at the moment! And I love your list!

    I didnt realise Taylor Lautner was shark boy - I'll be seeing that everytime too now lol x

  2. Your room is so pretty and romantic, I love the butterflys.

  3. That top pictures is absolutely amazing!! So beautiful! It was so great to read these facts about you :)

  4. I LOVE reading random facts! :) I love getting to know all these things about you :) I use to love the Dixie Chicks!!! Takes me back to high school - I would listen to them all day every day! "You Were Mine" still gives me goose bumps! I have not listened to them in so long (not for any political reasons or anything, just because I just haven't ha) - I think I will at work today! Thanks :)
    LOVE the top photo!

  5. i love random facts about someone! i'd totally dance to "twist and shout" with you before any of the top hits at the moment. I need to make you a cd! i've been saying that awhile haven't i? Dixie Chicks... yes... sooo good! they were my heart's soundtrack a few years back. So awesome they were your first concert.

    i feel the same way with movies, as you know! :)

    i always love your mail posts so can't wait to see them. you are the cutest!

  6. I feel the same way as you in almost everything you wrote on your list. xx :)

  7. I like this : ) I like learning a little more about you, and I find you more interesting and charming with each thing I hear <3


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