Friday, August 6, 2010

the dog days are over

^via tumblr
like most people, i go through different music phases. right now i am IN LOVE with 'florence and the machine'. her music is so inspiring and beautiful, almost like it's own separate genre. so pretty, fun and different. here are my two favorite songs of the moment; you might recognize the second one from a certain film trailer. the 'drumming song' video is my favorite and most inspired out of all the ones she's made and you'll find a ton more inspiration in her other videos too, trust me.

lots of [music] love,
- L


  1. I can totally see what you mean about her music sounding like its own genre. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. How ironic that this would come up on my dashboard tonight. My daughter at just made me listen to my boy builds coffins. LOL. Never heard of her until 1 hour ago and you post about her too. Funny how stuff like that happens. I will have to check more of her stuff out.

  3. oh oh oh i loooooove florence. she is amazing

  4. i LOVE florence and the machine! and i LOVE my CD! thank you! i was looking again at your awesome CD case and noticed some "korean immigration stamps" how did you do that?! im impressed! thank you! :)


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