Saturday, June 5, 2010

poisoned ocean


written by lauren nicole scott, ©2010

you feel as if the world is flying past

youself, with faces that have forgotten your


they try to stregthen your weary eyes, but

their help un-ties like a bad knot

can anyone really love her?

no one wants to be that cliche person in a

corner, weeping over nothing

sometimes you cannot help so, no matter

how many times you tell yourself to

become stronger

the pressure of persuations of your inverted

mind could possibly someday be the end of



seas crash amoung you

your heart pounding like their footsteps on

your heart now broken

fish scramble to get away from toxins

just like you did

you swam as hard from those oily terrors

but sometimes you can't outswim the

memories you wish were the present and

not just of a past

is there enough room in our ocean for


can you ever let people in like you once did

without fear of a deadly spill?


pray and hope for her tiresome soul

her body can not hold onto the passion

draining much longer

days become blurry emptyness that slip out

of her feet

as she walks forth into lives she has to live

but desires in the very least

life is beckoning, she is beckoning

but no one answers

and we watch and wonder

will anyone, answer?











  1. So so sad, but beautifully said.


  2. Thank you for your lovely comment! I'm glad I have found yours too ;)

    That was so wonderfully written even with such a sad topic :(

    The pictures are really great too.

  3. Lovely blog!
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  4. so meaningful. love it.

    xo nancy


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