Thursday, June 17, 2010

hooray! hooray!

the shop opens today!

view and shop my fun, unique, whimsical and lovely little shop HERE!

lots of love,
- L


  1. The shop is lovely Lauren, I even made a little purchase :-)

  2. Oh yay! Looks like a lovely little shop :) I will have to get something!!

  3. Hi Lauren,
    Micaela sent me one of your postcards and it arrived yesterday! Love it. It's still in great shape (as good as any store-bought postcard) after having travelled from Virginia to Victoria, BC, Canada. She sent me the crab postcard, because she knows how much my two little boys like the beach, and crawly things! It's a great photo. I love how the hand, and the crab, are very clear and the background of the shot is blurred.
    Congratulations on the shop! Good luck with it.
    Erin x

  4. Congrats on the store opening! Everything looks wonderful :)

  5. CHEERS TO YOU SWEET FRIEND!!! it looks amazing and your photographs are REALLY REALLY BEAUTIFUL!!! did i tell you i not only LOVED the postcards, but the prints you sent-- WOW! i can't wait to hang them up.

    soon, when i get my life together, i'd love to have a giveaway. ugh, i'm ready to get my life together. The photographys/your etsy-- BEAUTIFUL!

  6. Congratulations sweet girl! :) Everything in your shop looks sooo beautiful!!!! Micaela sent me the Green Message postcard and I LOVED it!!! The photo is gorgeous and I loved the weight of the card stock! SO professional and travels safely so the material is very durable! I was SO excited to get your work in my mail box :) I'm really proud of you!


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