Tuesday, June 1, 2010

mail, belated

^some good letter writing/reading music for you. i adore this girl and this song. LISTEN.

recently, a friend told me of a program that edits out addresses and it takes a lot less time than my old one. so hopefully i'll be posting more and more mail! for now though, here's some recent outgoings that i'm quite in love with and proud of myself for making :] -

^a reply to miss zoe, with parrots in tow.

^to the lovely shona in england, one of my favorite envelopes ever.

^reply/thank you to a wonderful new correspondent.

^sending cari a twist on the envelope, with the flaps in front where the address and stamp go.

^to one of my favorite pen-friends, miss carolee.

^note to a friend i haven't spoken to in a while.

^handmade postcard to my friend kaylyn.

^reply to bruno in brazil, envelope made using a gift bag i purchased with tons of cancellations on it.

^the circle lady to a new favorite correspondent, ashley.

^handmade postcard to one of my best friends.

^two postcards, two sisters, one artist. i sent these little gems to micaela and marianne.

^i made these two envelopes out of coffee bags i found while shopping one day and thought they'd make interesting envelopes! for the lovely and talented both, miss patty and melody.

^to amazing micaela, i had so much fun making all these postcards and probably will continue to do so with all this newfound cardboard i've got.

more mail to come soon!

also coming soon: preview of my new shop, a poem i recently wrote, more photography, artists features, and more!

love you all, thanks once again for being beyond amazing. <3
- L


  1. All the envelopes are amazing! I can't wait to receive my letter. :)

  2. love all your mail and the unique creativity and effort that you put into each and everyone.

  3. Wonderful envelopes, really :)! And I love the postcards =)!

  4. You are so artistic. I would just swoon if I had received one of these amazing envelopes.

  5. Uh ohhh :( I have moved and am no longer at that address so you will probably/hopefully get that letter back. I'm so sad cause it looks gorgeous! My new address (as of May 1st) is on my blog.

    all the handmade postcards look absolutely wonderful and I can't wait to hear about your new shop.

  6. you really are SOOOO TALENTED l. nicole!!! I can't get over it!!! you have incredible mail art-- the BEST envelopes i've seen! i'm not kidding.

    i've had so much fun talking with you :)

    these are just gorgeous. xoxo

    ps. i love that me and my twinkie have the same artist-- awesome! and just like you-- thoughtful! xo

  7. "A new favorite correspondent?" You are so sweet :) That made my night! I look forward to my wonderfully retro-esque letter. Tomorrow I hope! You inspire me to be more creative with my mail! I hope I can find the time with your reply!


  8. i saw your post from the good mail day list! your work is just fantastic-the pictures are great-the pelican covered in oil is so sad but necessary (i live in gulf shores, alabama)...and on a different topic i adore how vivid and fun your creative touch is put into each letter you write! i would love to write! my address is on the good mail day page. marnie barrett : )

  9. I love all these little bits of mail you sent! So creative and fun.

  10. WHAT!!?? Are those Katharine Hepburn stamps?!
    Now I wish I lived in the US ... sigh ...

    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨)ღ ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ღ (¸.•`

  11. wow there lovely, id love to write to be pen pals, how about it ? xx


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