Saturday, May 1, 2010

film fest

This past weeks' 'Fill In The Blank Friday' seemed so special to me, that I thought it deserved it's own post. My blanks are filled more than they ought to, but what can I say? Films are my second love and it's hard to narrow it down to a top five or ten, let alone just one movie! :]

1. My absolute favorite movie of all time is a tie between Across The Universe, Marie Antoinette, The Women (1939), Elizabethtown, You've Got Mail, The Terminal, Julie & Julia, The Family Stone, Stranger Than Fiction, The Hurt Locker, Slumdog Millionaire, Catch Me If You Can, Atonement, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist and Some Like It Hot.

2. My favorite movie as a child was probably either Pocahontas, Toy Story, The Santa Clause or any other Disney film, haha. I was a big Disney kid, love me some Buzz Lightyear.

3. The best movie quote ever is hard to pick, but here's what's on my mind lately: "I'm impossible to forget, but I'm hard to remember." - Elizabethtown

4. My favorite actress is Rosalind Russell, Audrey Hepburn, Scarlett Johansson, Ellen Page, Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone, Meryl Streep, Kirsten Dunst, Winona Ryder, Zoe Saldana, Angelina Jolie. My favorite actor is Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jim Sturgess, Robert Downey JR., James McAvoy, Johnny Depp, Michael Cera, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, Jimmy Fallon, Adrian Brody, Luke Wilson, George Clooney.

5. The movie I could watch over and over is any before listed as my favorite films. Especially Across The Universe Elizabethtown, The Women, Julie & Julia, You've Got Mail & The Terminal.

6. My favorite movie genre is independant. Close second being period films. The costumes and language just LURE me in, haha. Pretty much anything except horror and really crass humor comedies.

7. A movie I'd like to watch this weekend is 'Bright Star' which I've had from Netflix for forever or 'Coco Before Chanel' which I just bought. Both have never seen before but have been anticipating for a while.

- L


  1. I still haven't seen Bright Star. I loved Keats when I studied English lit, so I really must get it to watch soon!

  2. these are such great images!!! i esp looooove the "Elizabethtown" ones!!! such a great film. I made max watch it when we were going through his (our) rough time... it's my go-to when i feel like i've failed because of what she says... dance with one hand up!

    "bright star"-- loved it!!! let me know what you think. xo

  3. Across the Universe and Catch Me if You Can are some of my favorites as well : ) You just put me in the mood for watching a movie tonight. Maybe when I'm done studying for my math final (which is tomorrow, so you're a bad influence because I should be studying all night) I'll watch Elizabethtown. I've been wanting to see that.
    Were you the loser that sang along the the songs in Across the Universe in the theater? Cause I totally was : )

  4. I loved Across the Universe, too. That version on the soundtrack of "I want to Hold your Hand" was our wedding song and sung by a friend with a beautiful voice and her guitar.


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