Wednesday, January 13, 2010

super missives!

Just a little post today with some views of outgoings...

A reply to Ilona along with a little parcel of surprise! I was trying to keep one of those all vintage postal-themed postage, but it's kind of heavy so I added an extra 33 cents. Also put a piece of paper around the envelopes with zillions of vintage postage affixed asking a postal worker to hand cancel them. (They often don't and it's kind of a pet-peeve of mine, haha.) And yep...I keep forgetting to put return addresses on a lot of envelopes lately, so I hope she sees this before it gets to her mailbox!

A teeny-tiny not to Miss K.

A reply to Megan which will be headed to the post office tomorrow because I don't want to cover the busy envelope with tons of stamps; so I'mm gonna get a boring 98-cent one. FYI - I made the envelope along with some others to be seen soon out of an old Paris themed calendar; they turned out so much better that I'd hoped and it's so hard to send them off!

Much postal love,
- L


  1. Oh my goodness that envelope is to cute for words! So excited, i havent got "real" mail for awhile so this will be exciting.

  2. great blog! does the post office follow your *please hand cancel* request? the see-thru green envelope is great.

    love the paris envelope! i just started making envelopes and i have the same problem: it's hard to part with them until i remember that i made them to make someone else smile!

  3. Your mail is looking awesome! I think in Australia most things get hand cancelled without even asking, they cancel my mail right in front of me. Definitely, once you're in Australia that is the first place I'm taking you - pizza!
    I really like Vegemite but I think it's definitely an acquired taste. There are milder varieties which people seem to like more, but I like the strong stuff! It's really good with cheese on a sandwich. Another Australian food I'll have to feed you!
    I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to your email yet, I've been surprisingly busy with guests lately and writing back to mail (I'm nearly finished my mail reply for you! Ha). Will hopefully get to it soon!
    Take care and happy mail!

  4. Thank you for starting to share all these wonderful letter writing things!
    I like your blog and start to follow it now!
    Best regards from Finland!


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