Friday, January 29, 2010

"if you can't feed your baby...

...then don't have a baby!"

Right now I am loving 'This Is It' on DVD, as you can see by the quote above. Not a lyric very famous but it always makes me chuckle cause it's a part of a song that you wouldn't think it'd be in and is something that I find to be right on point. Seriously, if you can't feed your baby, then don't have a baby...and don't think maybe if you can't feed a baby! Haha, excuse my incredibly annoying love for Michael Jackson songs. I truly love his work and it's hard for people to take you seriously when you say that you actually love his music and don't or didn't care about all the hype he had around him. Cause while I thoroughly loved that you got to see the real MJ in the film, I really just love his music and think that he's one of the most iconic music artists to have ever lived. And just like The Beatles, it's so amazing how many songs of his that you remember and know and just how many hits he had. There's also no denying of wanting to get up out of your seat and dance a little bit and you CAN NOT not sing along to his songs, you can't. I hope you all tune into the Grammys this Sunday for his 3-D tribute, I have a feeling it's going to be just as fantastic as the film.

Anywho, on to the mail-related goodness!

These are the four pieces of mail I've received this week, all from readers. I must say, it's such a thrill to actually know people read what you write, no matter if it's here, about mail or on my art/personal blog. I'm so grateful to all four of you for taking the time to write, thank you Passion, Aaron, Tricia and Bonnie!

A standout was a great International Girl Aerogramme from Miss Postmuse, I love fold-n-mail's! But as you can see, I had a difficult time opening this one and ripped it pretty bad, I was literally saying to myself 'oh no!!', haha.

And this recipe-card turned postcard from Aaron, which is so cool, I'd like to try it sometime soon. Aaron, I haven't tried the recipe yet, but I will soon! I LOVE smoothies, they've become as addicting as iced caramel macchiatos! haha

I've spent the last couple days making and decorating envelopes and still have lots more to continue to work on. Here's some of my favorites:

A big manila envelope was used for this photo I really liked because it wouldn't fit on anything else. :/ Not sure if it will go to my friend Kaylyn or Bianca because they're the two I write the longest letters too and could maybe fit some Mead journal pages inside! Also did some lettering on the flap which took a good half hour to get just right.

I think I'll use this one for my reply to Passion...

No clue as to who this one should go to, I love it so much and it took me awhile to do that little bubble. I'm not too good on drawing message bubbles, but practice makes perfect, right? And the mouth w/ fangs I added at the last minute when I found it as an ad in a magazine and thought 'hey, the girl on the front could be a vampire, right?'.

Now time for the outgoing!

I made these two envelopes for Miss Bee a long time ago and just now writing little notes to put inside and send the fun envelopes to her. The Marc Jacobs one got all messed up when I traced my template, which kind of stinks because I wanted the kitten on the front of the envelope. :/

Sending start-up letters to some photographer friends, that's why I used my (now dwindling supply of) photography 15c stamps! This gem goes to Miss Sara in Minnesooooota, ;P.

This one goes to Sir Graham in North Carolina. He's very into techno and kind of retro-looking things so I found this snapshot of an 80's looking boom-box in an ad and knew it'd be perfect for his envelope. I wrote a little quip about my drawing of a tattoo on the girls' ankle...

And this one has already been sent into the postalsphere, but never blog-posted it. My reply to Miss Kerri which I used my all-time favorite Paris envelope, so sad to see it go! I took some really pretty and soft ribbon and wrote a couple lines on it to tie the contents of the letter together, but it's for her eyes only guys!

Whew! I'm exhausted, aren't you? This might be my biggest post yet. Anyway, sorry for the delay on the post; Lightroom, the program I use to edit my photography and these letter-photos was acting super-weird yesterday and therefore I couldn't post, blehh. And on top of everything, I'm sick again (lady problems + a cold = gross.) and have time to write replies and start up letters a dozen, so I should be able to get another post in by Sunday, :]. Hope everyone's had a good mail-week so far; if not, Saturday is one of the best mail-days, so there's always tomorrow! I didn't get anything today except my beloved Entertainment Weekly, so I'm with ya if there was no Friday mail for you! :/

Yours til the postal service dies,
- L


  1. wow, a lot of beautiful mail coming and going! your envelopes are fantastic!

  2. yes, your envelopes are fantatic!

    i would have tried drawing the tattoo on my foot ;)

    ps. I LOVE the vampire fangs (of course! Twilight fan here)

    beautiful mail. I would have delighted if i got one of your postal goodies in my mailbox this week- all i got besides fun etsy purchases was a rejection letter from a place i applied to. Yuck. So i love that you spread happy mail!

    and also- Atonement- YES!

  3. So glad you got my letter! I love that stamp :) the whole underwater set is amazing.
    Have another good mail day! I sent two letters today but the mailtruck hasn't come yet. There's still hope that I'll get some mail!


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