Saturday, January 23, 2010


Over the past few days I have been very busy, tired and somewhat in a sad state. And today a family issue that came up just made my world crumble and the next month and a half are going to be very hard. The unfortunate part is that we're caught up in it all and there's nothing we can do to change what has to happen. It's such a long story, but to put it this way is that I'll have a new address come March. And no, it's not our house that's getting foreclosed or anything, my parents just rent it, and there's come an issue and a half that's deteremined quite a frustrating outcome. This sounds so stupid, but as well I have not recieved any mail, really for the last three or four days and it hasn't made it much easier to try and cope with not only this issue but a couple others as well. So please, if you're religious, pray for me, if not, wish me lots of luck; because I will be needing both.

This is a reply to Miss Sarina in Germany.

My lovely friend April will be seeing this in her mailbox very soon.

Sent Miss Meg a postcard for fun. I love how easy it is to write and pop a postcard into the mailbox.

I made this postcard of canceled vintage stamps for the Ladies of Pod Pod Post/Good Mail Day. They wrote in their book to send them a postcard to recieve a special piece of mail in return, so...

Any type of fold-n-mailings are super fun, to me. This one goes to a lovely pen pal down under. (I took a shot of the neat design as to the paper has little raised bumps on it, :])

Much Postal Love,
- L

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  1. i'm sorry you're feeling blue. i hope your mailbox gets a few surprises this week to lift your spirits. i love fold'n'mails too!


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