Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a letter stole my money

Well today was a ridiculously crazy day. I literally want to sleep for 24 hours and just be a hermit.
I lost my debit card and didn't find it until about an hour ago. Guess where...
In a stinkin' letter. Yep.

When I was going through my final searches, thinking there'd be no way of it being inside an envelope, I found it inside my friend April's recent letter. I had stuffed some mail into my handbag earlier and when I had gone to the bank, just put my receipt and card into my bag, not really thinking and didn't check for it until I was about ready to leave for work. So somehow my card had slipped into the envelope among my errand-running this morning. Geeeeeez loouuuuuise!
Anyway, thank you to everyone who's commented on posts and have started following the past few days, I'm so excited to see where this blog is going. :]

Here's some recent incomings...

My first letter from a new pen pal, written in quite the creative format, don't you think? I'd really like to try this myself, write a letter on a file folder; how neat is that?!

A reply from Kerri, she has the most adorable stationery; and I LOVE her handwriting, it's so cute, dontcha think?

Finally got a reply from Misthian. She writes really funky letters.

Miss April wrote back, once again, FINALLY, haha. Normally she writes back relatively fast, but not this time. Oh well, I love how she decorated her envelopes with lovely, cute stickers, don't you?

And I'll post some outgoings tomorrow because it's really late and I need my sleep, darnit! But I promise to post them tomorrow, I hate this three days between posts stuff. :/ Anywho, I hope you all got some good mail today! All I got was a silly postcard, but I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow. :] Oh! I also have a little blog coming up soon about movies featuring mail as a story-line, so be on the lookout for that too in the coming weeks. Films are one of my other loves and I'm very passionate about all things film, directing, acting, cinematography and so on and so forth. Tell me, what's your favorite film?

Here's to a good mail day for all of us!
- L


  1. Oh i havent got mail for days i am a little depressed hehe.

  2. i need to catch up on my mail [sending...then hopefully receiving! :P] but you are inspiring me! i'm glad you didn't MAIL your debit card to someone.

    p.s. i've been a follwer from the *start* but only through google my mug is on your side panel. :)

  3. oh eek, I'll probably be one of those about whom you say you FINALLY got a letter from me. I am a bit slow sometimes. Oh well. Cute mail!


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