Thursday, October 28, 2010

highlights of out

outgoing mail highlights are as follows...

^pretty missives for paige.

^a red-a-licious envelope for jennie.

^reply to a lovely new pen-pal.

^some postcards and missives to my caela.

^couple of postcards to nate.

^a bright and colorful envelope to a new correspondent.

^mail experiment (that arrived!) to carolee.
^postcard to the ever charming miss biscuit.

^gasping girl envelope to elle.

^postcards from the set bee sent me; to miss spoon and micaela.
^postcard for lauren.
^a box of cupcake pebbles cereal sent as is and wrapped in brown paper to paige.
^handmade postcard to carolee.
^reply to the 'caboolture radical aerospace programme'.
^postcard for the missive maven herself.
^the start of many thank yous to new pen-friend, marguerite.

^reply to the wonderful donovan.


  1. I got your postcard today :D Very sweet! I love your mail backdrop - the mail is out in nature! :)

  2. you are the queen of beautiful mail. beautiful!

  3. Holy cannoli! I am SO EXCITED to see your lovely missive in my PO box. Will let you know (in kind) when it arrives...

  4. I bet your mailman questions when you don't have pretty mail arriving.

  5. That is some pretty pretty mail... and I am jealous. I heart Paige Baker and she has YET to send me any pretty mail... ARE YOU LISTENING PAIGE! ARE YOU?

  6. LAUREN! Did you ever receive my letter/novel?!



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