Thursday, November 11, 2010

suicidal feet

at the beginning of october, i started my new job; working at whole foods. it's amazing, the best place i've ever worked in my life. but also, the most painful. not being used to being on my feet ALL THE TIME, has made mine hurt incredibly bad. i honestly would not be surprised if my feet looked up at me and said 'see ya!', decapitated themselves and then walked as far away from me as they could. there's blisters, puss and swollenness, oh my! and i'm so thankful to have a boss that gave me next week practically off; to rest those wounded soldiers at the bottom of my body and perhaps in that time, my new work shoes (that the company orders for you and are non-slip & apparently way more comfortable.) will have come in.

but don't let it be believed that i don't love my job and want to work there as much as possible. because it's just a brilliant place to be, with so many smiling and unique faces. one of the reasons i have always loved whole foods.

diversity is something i've always wanted more of in my life, because it's just not ever been there. so many cultures and people, in general, inspire me and give me inspiration. one of the girls in customer service, has quite a few tattoos and piercings. i LOVE that. i think that that is one of the epitomes of beauty. just the natural unique-ness someone has and it being natural, not trying to be different. (cause there are so many people who strive to be. but that's a different blog post entirely.)

there's a young man in specialty that goes by his initials, but has one of the most wonderful names, ever. it's french and even though he has no accent, it wouldn't surprise me if his parents were first generation french immigrants.

there are several other people working there that have such unique looks, personalities and culture backgrounds, it's crazy. natural red hair, super tall and quirky, scruffy beard & could be mistaken for a mumford and sons band member, two older ladies with brilliant white-gray hair & happy dispositions, one of the admins who is never in a bad mood and says the funniest things you'll ever hear & a pretty smile for days, ETC ETC. the list can go on, and i would if it was possible to describe everyone.

honestly, my feet hurt HELLA bad. (yes, i just said hella.) and i wish that the customers who are considerate, funny, sweet and interesting were more than few and far between as they have been lately. but you know what? i look at it in this way:

if at my job, if i get to speak for a good five minutes to a wonderful older irish woman, telling my how much i'll love it when i'll go and speaking about the store and travel in general. my feet can decapitate themselves, anytime.

note: in no way or sound of mind possibility would i ever cut off my feet or wish them to.


  1. Hi there exchange partner! Been meaning to email you about ornaments--will do soon! Hope your feet feel better . . . pained feet is kind of a miserable feeling! :)

  2. Its awful that your feet hurt but you did make me laugh. I hope that it gets better soon. Its great that you are loving your job!

  3. Poor feet! I have a feeling I am going to be suffering from the same ailment when I start my new job! Ouch. I'd better buy some comfy shoes.

  4. Glad you aren't feeling completely de-feeted! Our letters passed one another in my mailbox yesterday. A little eerie. Thank you for the beautiful letter and goodies!

  5. Hot water,Epsom salts with peppermint and euclyptus essential oils for those poor sore feet...soak until the water cools and then wrap them up snug and tuck them in for a good rest. Hope you feel better soon!


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