Friday, October 22, 2010

time is fleeting

oh snap.

guess what.

i'm at barnes and noble.

and i have the glee GQ issue in my hand.

somebody better call the cops.

cause it's the worst thing you could ever have in your possession.

cause it's probably like pedophilia.


the ages of these people, in these photos are 24 & 28.

they are not underage.

and they are playing roles, in the shoot.

this is not how some of them choose to look on a normal basis.

nor would i think, look like on an everyday basis.

except of course, montieth, whom is in layered cardigans and such.

this is not a confession.

just a first time announcement here; that i ADORE glee.

it is my favorite show and one of only two current tv shows i actually watch.

the characters, the music, the storylines, the actors, the creators.

all of it.

i love and support.

and quite frankly.


yes, there are exceptions.

i know and have known a lot of kids between 11 and 18 that are mature way beyond their years.

and could watch it, handle it, understand it and not be 'affected' by it.

but that's not the majority.

and while i would have been able to watch it at sixteen.

i can list off a bunch of people in my past and present who would not have.

so yes, i understand the 'controversy'.

but seriously?!

this is not a 'children's show'.

and i don't think it will ever head in that direction.

or had been.

i'm not raising these/your kids.

but i know i wouldn't let mine watch it unless i knew they were of a mature state of mind.

and it didn't just go in one ear and out the other.

or stick there for all eternity.



dianna agron, lea michele and cory montieth are all in their mid to late twenties.

they're not underage.

and they don't dress like that ALL THE DAMN TIME.

it was a photoshoot.

and, lady gaga's awesome.

but they are not lady gaga.

and everything they play out behind a camera.

is not who they are.


move on.

and smile.

cause it makes the world a better place.

got it?

oh, good! i'm so happy.

- this has been a rare rant from lauren nicole scott. -
EDIT: check out claire's view in the comments. that would be my only issue and feel awful that i overlooked it. ALSO, out of a huge, diverse cast..why are only these people on the cover? yeah, i know the answer, but it's a good thing to point out as well. i see nothing wrong with it really, it was (especially michele's) their choice to dress like that and every woman has a right to express their sexuality if they choose to. so, yes, it is objectification, but at the same time, everyone, esp. women, have the freedom to choose these things. michele, apparently didn't mind showing the skin. so, to me, that's not necessarily full objectification since they didn't really say no to the photos being published.


  1. I don't watch Glee, but I totally appreciate and believe that it's a fantastic show. And while I don't think these photos are remotely pornographic, I do think that it's pretty depressing that the female characters have been totally sexed up for this photoshoot--the guy has his hands on their asses, they are wearing bras, sexy pouts, etc.--when the same sort of sexualization hasn't happened to the male characters. This is just one more example of gender inequity in the world, and yet another reason why women are so often overly sexualized and objectified.

    This is a "button" for me . . . I teach about gender equality and sexism in my classes, and the media is the biggest culprit.

  2. Claire makes a very good point.

    I do love Glee though. Looking forward to the Rocky Horror Glee show tomorrow night!


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