Sunday, October 10, 2010

triple ten

today was the tenth of october, twenty ten! how cool is that? even more awesome? having your birthday be that date, right? miss paige's BFF cheryl and her husband gave birth to beautiful little baby girl evie at 5:43 this morning! you can read more about it on p's blog. :]
also, today diana of our city lights posted some photos she took back in march when she and her lovely hubby went to L.A. to celebrate her birthday and their anniversary. i fell head over heels with these shots and had to show you guys my favorites! check more out here!

hope you all had a wonderful 10/10/10 day!
PS: mail post coming soon!


  1. you are sooo pretty!!!

    i agree with the photos... GORGEOUS!

  2. Hope your 10/10/10 was a perfect ten.

  3. LAUREN.

    You have forced me to try to contact you via internet. Feel special.

    I sent you the last six months of my life, on paper, about two months ago. Did it ever make its way to you?


  4. Ah love these pics, I live in LA ;) The lamp posts are one of my fav spots in LA. Have never taken a pic of them but def need to!


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