Thursday, July 29, 2010


next week i'll post some incoming highlights; sorry, i keep forgetting to take photos! promise that i'll get an incoming mail post done soon! :]
for now, here are some outgoing highlights:
^ to a new pen pal in taiwan.
^ elephants for miss shona in england.

^postcards for m's brother marco overseas.

^i believe i sent this to shona..? let me know! i've made some similar postcards like this and can't remember whom got what..haha.

^just a couple highlights of the mail i've been sending lady micaela. you can see more here & here if you'd like, :].
^postcard for a pen pal in germany.
^ for the lovely megan in australia. the picture reminded me of all the vintage photographs she sent me, so i turned it into a postcard!
^ a postcard made from an image that reminded me of lovely bianca and a marilyn monroe envelope, again, it reminded me of her, :P.
^ to miss marianne in texas.

^ reply for jennie in san fran.

^ an envelope that was hard to part with! batgirl, sent off to lady cari.
wishing you lots of postal love,
- L
PS: this little blog is getting pretty darn close to 100 followers and i'm planning a giveaway to say thank you. you guys are awesome and i'm so thankful for each and every one of you. 100 is nothing compared to some of you guys, but it's really astounding for me and i just want to let you know i'm grateful. LOVELOVELOVE.


  1. Oh wowsie I love the postcard your sending me!
    I also love the top envelope, very cool.

  2. These are wonderful! I love that you make your envelopes out of bits and pieces. I really love that quote on the back of the envelope. I really must be more creative with my envies. x

  3. I really love everything you've sent! Especially the handmade postcards, they're sublime :D x

  4. So amazed by your postal genius. I saw the letters to Micaela and Marianne on their blogs and was blown away then . . . all these letters and cards are so thoughtful and individual and really just inspiring. I love them!

  5. gorgeous mail! love love love the elephants and flamingos.

  6. seriously, the MOST BEAUTIFUL mail ever and i'm so lucky to be included as a recipient ;) i love the sailor and batgirl one!

    OF COURSE i loved my wooden postcard (oh and that big and carrie one! man oh man i giggled! :) ha)

    i love that my brother will get a sweet postcard from you while he's in iraq.

    THANK YOU for everything! can't wait for our next phone date xo

  7. Beautiful mail art, it is inspiring :)

  8. Oh man! I haven't done this stuff in forever...and I'm totally missing it now. You have great mail talent! :)

  9. I found your blog from that beauty of an envelope you sent Bianca...and now you have 103 followers!


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