Friday, July 16, 2010

my photography [part 2]

hey everyone, over the past few days there's been some family issues going on therefore less time has been spent preparing posts and whatnot. and last night i got locked out of my house - with the water running - for an hour and a half, so that tired me out and i would up falling asleep WHILE writing some letters and watching HIMYM just from all the physical and emotional exhaustion i had; pretty rare for me to fall asleep period, let alone watching a funny show and responding to letters. otherwise, this post would have been up last night. ANYWAY, thank you to micaela, paige, april and diana for helping me out and the prayers last night, thank you, thank you, thank you.

well! i was trying to figure out what i should post about first (what was supposed to be week, but turned into the weekend) and realized it'd been awhile since my fist post about my photography. so i began to make a list of possibilities of what type of photos to post about and finally decided on a project that's close to my heart and have recently gotten back into - the love + 100 strangers photo project. basically the concept - founded by the wonderful lauren - is:

'snapshots of 100 strangers, captioned with their first and middle name, age, and their definition of love. (definition of love being dictionary format, a short story, a phrase, life experience, or whatever defines love best for them.)'

so far i've got around 30 people and i hope to go to miami sometime this month and capture more amazing 'love strangers'. it's so incredibly hard to narrow it down, but here are some of my favorites:

"love is knowing everything about a person. knowing their deepest, darkest secrets and being aware of every flaw but still thinking they're the most wonderful person in the entire world and wanting to be with them anyway. really though, love is much too big to be captured and defined in a few words, but i think that's pretty close."
16/100 Megan Lane
Age: 18
From: Norcross, GA

"love is feeling completely comfortable with someone, being able to share everything and be open. showing them that you care."
8/100 Tierra Alesia
Age: 17
From: Rochester, NY
"love is something you give and get from the heart. some are ones you give yourself to."
21/100 Bradley Nelson
From: I live on tour.

"love is a shared frenzy of color, adrenaline, and euphoria."
26/100 Fillippa Johanna
Age: 19
From: Sweden

"love is happy, excited."
24/100 Alissa Patricia
Age: 7
From: Naples, FL
"love is unconditional appreciation and understanding."
29/100 Erick
Age: 24
From: Born in NYC, toughened in Miami.
"love is awesome!"
28/100 Samantha
Age: 24
From: Miami, FL

"love is unconditional devotion, companionship."
17/100 Laura Marie
Age: 20
From: St. Petersburg, FL

"love is loving someone for everything they are, even the 'bad' stuff."
22/100 Laura Kaitlin
Age: 17
From: Fort Lauderdale, FL

"love is...not sure. comfort. acceptance. music and beer are both comforting and accepting of me."
27/100 Benjamin Patrick
Age: 32
From: Boston, MA

"love is teddybears and puppies."
14/100 Lisa S.
Age: 5
From: Tampa, FL

"i think that love has become over-rated in today's society. love is a term used very loosely nowadays and it's almost like it doesn't exist. the unconditional love that God has for us is the only true love i can find lately."
9/100 T.J.
Age: 14
From: Naples, FL

"love is when everybody is happy and you want to be together."
30/100 Arriel LeAnn
Age: 17
From: Missouri

"love is an unconditional feeling for someone that cannot make anything feel more important than that feeling."
7/100 Stephanie Ellen
Age: 17
From: Rochester, NY

"love is caring about someone no matter what they do."
1/100 Jordan Andrew
Age: 19
From: Naples, FL

if you'd like to view more photos you can take a look at -

SO! tell me lovely readers - what is your definition of love? what does love mean or feel like to you? let me know!
- L


  1. I love this so much. I had actually seen them on your flickr and I really love the project. How encouraging and fun.
    To me, Love is huge and when you pose the question what immediately comes to mind fore me is " Oh, what am I to think of what the writing of a thousand lifetimes could not explain, if all the forest trees were pens and all the oceans ink?" but to overly simplify it with a blanket statement, I would say: Love is truth, and all the beauty stemming from truth (trust, respect, adoration, etc.) is Love.

  2. This project is wonderful. Thanks for sharing all the love.

    Hope your family stuff gets sorted out and that things are good again very soon. Get some sleep, and take good care of yourself.

  3. I love this ambitious project. I'm excited to see more of the results. Impressed with those who've "defined" love . . . perhaps the biggest word in the world, and the hardest to condense. <3

  4. Love=understanding, always listening and unconditional!! I love your photos for your project!! xo

  5. Along with everyone else here, I really like this project. It's interesting to see how people define love and how differently it's viewed.

    Love = (or rather, my definition of true love) An unspeakable bond where the person you love doesn't even need to hear those words. The bond is just so strong, you can't imagine there being a word for it. "Love" will just have to suffice. That, and it makes you grin like the Cheshire Cat.

  6. these are AMAZING!!! SERIOUSLY!!! i'm in love with the whole thing!!!

    can i just say i esp. loooooove Benj. Patrick's answer?! Brilliant!!!! ;) oh and Brian up there is pretty cute! let's hope you got his number? JK!!

    Love is when the best thing about me, is him. Love is feeling like he is God's blessing for my life. I never knew what unconditional love was until I met my husband-to-be.

    ps. I LOVED our chat today! :) seriously!

  7. this project is absolutely amazing!!!!!

  8. Oh wow! What an amazing project (you always seem to find some wonderful things to get involved in!!)

    Love to me is something everyone deserves :) oh I truly love this project! x


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