Monday, December 10, 2012

Mr. Anderson


Over the past few months, I've been watching all of Wes Anderson's films. While being a HUGE fan of Fantastic Mr Fox and loving Moonrise Kingdom over the summer, I had actually never seen any of his other (infamous) films.
 A few years back, I'd watched The Darjeeling Limited, but wasn't really impressed. Then I found out, I wasn't really the only one who didn't enjoy it. I may give it another go if the opportunity presents itself; sometimes I'll re-watch a film I had watched a while back and end up liking it more the second go round.

Everyone I know loves The Royal Tennenbaums...but it wasn't my favorite, if you're looking at all of his films as a whole. I really enjoyed the storyline between Margot and Richie and Gene Hackman is a guilty pleasure of mine, so of course I enjoyed Royal's crazy adventures. But somehow, it just didn't stand out to me as much as I thought it would. I probably had way too much expectation going in, you know?
Bill Murray was definitely something I got excited about and looked forward to every time I would pop in one of Anderson's films. Rushmore was a really good flick all around, there wasn't anything I'd change. It felt like one of the few films of Anderson's that really showed his voice and what something he creates looks like. Jason Schwartzman is one of my favorite actors and it was both adorable and hilarious to see him in the role of Max.
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou is probably my favorite film of Wes Anderson's collection thus far, tied with Fantastic Mr Fox and Moonrise Kingdom. (Really, you'd expect me to pick just one? You're a silly goose.) I loved the way it was shot, the characters, the silly 'underwater' stuff and of course, those damn dolphins. It was surprising for me, to enjoy this just as much as I did. I feel as though its one of the few films that Anderson has made that leaves you feeling content; not only that the film was amazing, but that all the characters had good ends.
I know I'm no expert on Mr Anderson or his films, but just felt I had to share my little project with you. No, I have not yet seen Bottle Rocket, I've picked it up once or twice, but somehow have not yet been able to watch it. Mostly because I don't want this little adventure to end.

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  1. I love seeing beautiful photos from movies. "Moonrise Kingdom" was such a fun date with Chip, one of our last movie dates before little Lix. I actually really loved "The Royal Tennebaums" better than "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou." :) I just loved Margot and Richie which is prob why i loved it more ;) (gotta have me a love story).

    "The Darjeeling Limited" was another one me and Chip watched and other than feeling it was a bit too long, I was surprised he enjoyed it.

    My favorite was actually the short before "The Darjeeling Limited." I loved "Hotel Chevalier."

    Okay now don't make too much fun of me but can you believe I haven't seen "Fantastic Mr. Fox?" I am going to fix that-- just added it to my netflix and moved it to number 1. ;)

    Ren, i love that last little line. Magic.


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