Wednesday, March 9, 2011

half of my heart

today, while cleaning i found this set of folded up papers and i thought i'd share it with you. believe it was written sometime last summer or fall. some parts are silly, but i kind of like that i wrote it 100% in honesty.

half of my heart...

stays up until 4am withought thinking. getting lost in memories and writing.

reads twilight and could care less about charles dickens.

hates health food and wishes for a pill that lost the weight for you.

wants to sell every possession and obession and just go. get out of america and live life.

desperately wants to play natalie maines in a biopic.

tell a boy i've loved for almost two years how i feel.

wants twilight to be real and become alice cullen. bella's not who i am and edward needs to get a grip.

hates hard work.

needs a velcro-hug that lasts a lifetime.

hates digital cameras.

despises that everyone and their grandmother can be 'a photographer' these days.

doesn't get abstract art. at all.

wants to have a threesome with robert pattinson and kristen stewart.


oh my goodness, what a difference a new year can make. anyway, thought it was kind of silly and wanted to share, with no shame whatsoever, haha.

here's what i'm listening to today, it's giving me such hope and inspiration:

^the image i got for my copy. you can see more here.

win butler's voice is so beautiful and fluid, it's like something from a different time.

also, here are some artlicles that have been inspiring me lately:

on impossible project film from fieldguided, i now want to re-try using my polaroid 220.

happy things to end the week with
from my caela. happiness = love.

this post on thinking before you ink
from danielle. hit home and touched my heart, so much.

hope you're having a lovely wednesday!



    and giggle-- "hates health food and wishes for a pill that lost the weight for you." i hear ya sista!!!

    and that would be a hot threesome but i thought you wanted two gay guys?! *inside joke* LOL

    THANK YOU for your sweet mention xo

  2. I'm right there with you! I've always wanted to just sell everything and go. Mexico is my dream home.


you're brilliant, thanks so much for commenting!