Thursday, November 18, 2010

a beautiful story

harry potter and the deathly hallows (part one) will be officially released at midnight tonight.

it's the end of an era, a generational love for something. not gonna lie, i'm pretty sad; it's amazing how something can just encompass your life and your whole generations' lives, really.

honestly, i've never read the books. and just didn't want to until after all the films are done. for two reasons of that i'm afraid it will mess up my vision and view of the films and two, i honestly just never felt the need to, like a lot of people.

the films, really, are just so beautiful to me. it sounds odd, if you don't care for them, haven't seen them or just think they are a waste of time. (trust me, i've known all three.) but the story, cinematography, acting and costumes are all so wonderful and amazing; i do think they are 'films' and not just automatically filtered into the 'fantasy-comic-book-action-adventure-blockbuster' genre.

just the fact that this boy was saved, able to live because of all the love his mother had for him; and that harry puts up with so much, sacrifices so much, deals with such loss, amongst so many other things, makes him a wonderful character to me. the films show so many great aspects of life and the things that happen in it, that i think kids might not ever fully grasp without it. not just harry potter, but other books with storylines like it as well.

and i love the fact that it also shows great friendships and how they should work. the connection and love that harry, ron and hermoine have for one another is so strong and just...lovely, really; to see, watch and witness that i also think it's a great example and role model (the characters and storylines) for kids and teens to look at and know that THAT is what real friendship is like and how we should treat one another.

and it's quite funny and adorable throughout all of the movies (especially the first couple) to see them bicker and tease one another, i must say. one of my favorite moments of the entire series is in goblet of fire where they're studying and talking about the ball, where snape keeps smacking ron and harry on the head because they're not concentrating.

"hermoine, you're a girl."

"yes, spot on."

think about it, without harry potter (or any other phenomena book or book series, really) would kids even READ, read-read anymore? i don't think they would. there would, offfff couurrrrsssee be those exception to the rules, but really, i don't think that the passion to read or wanting to continue to read after all seven books would exist for people between 8 and 18 if j.k. rowling & harry potter didn't exist.

so, just be kind and know that while i may not be a super-fan, that it has affected me and it is a big part of my life, in a small way. i know some just do not get it, mostly because i just think some don't give it a chance or have issues against it, for whatever reason that could be. but for those of us who have loved it for so long, whether it be the books only, the films only, or both, tomorrow is somewhat of a big deal. just like it was when the book came out in 2007. it's the end of something that has been a part of our lives for TEN years. and it will most certainly feel odd come next summer when it's officially all over.

harry potter, i love you and your story and can't wait to witness the beginning of the end tonight.


  1. Right on, Lauren! :) (Ps... you should definitely read the books once the movies are over!!!)

  2. i can't even BELIEVE you haven't read the books.. slightly disappointed. they are MUCH MUCH better than the movies. no comparison.

  3. I cannot ignore the irony of
    "without harry potter (or any other phenomena book or book series, really) would kids even READ, read-read anymore? i don't think they would."
    ... from someone who admits to not having even read the books herself.

    Clearly we must agree to disagree, because I am in the opposite camp - I almost didn't want to see the films because the visions in my head from the books were so vivid. I have seen all the films, and saw many of them on the first night or two they were released (though not this one - probably won't see it until next week, due to work/life schedule), but having seen the films AND read the books, I can say you are truly, truly missing out. I'm glad the impressions I formed from the books are my first and strongest. I am a huuuuge Harry Potter fan (not as big as my husband, who has even read many of the books in multiple foreign languages to sharpen his language skills! Did you know magic wand is translated as "baguette de Magique" in the French edition? Baguette de Magique! I picture them waving bread loaves...), and I think anyone who has read the books (thank you, biscuit and April!) will note that the books are much, much richer. No comparison, indeed. There is far more going on in all the books than could ever be condensed into a movie. Plot elements and some characters are left out of the movies entirely. I grant you that I am a reader far more than a movie-goer, but I really can't believe you haven't read the books.

  4. I do say read the books once the movies are over because they are fantastic! I don't think it will destroy what you feel for the movies.

    I love both of them, books and movies and I would call myself a super fan. I do remember that moment in Goblet of Fire and I loved it too!

    I'm quite sad that it's ending..

  5. I only saw the first two movies and this latest one, I've always been more of a book person than a movie person. And as others have said, the movies have left out too much that was explained/detailed in the books.

    But I definitely agree with you on how the movies are a magical world of their own. Between the books and the movies, I feel like I've grown up with Harry and company, and with Daniel, Emma and Rupert and the rest as well. They all belong to a whole magical, imaginative world that would not have been possible without them. I hope that they continue to inspire more people as the years pass, as the story of friendships and the struggles of a boy or girl to fit in and make their own lives is a story that is timeless and will forever be timely.

  6. I worry all the time about kids reading today.. it's sad but a lot of them don't read. And now a lot of them are dissuaded by the length,etc. of the Harry Potter books... it's sad. The movies are beautiful. As someone who has read each book at least 4 times, I can honestly say they capture the story exactly with each one getting better than the last! You should read the books when all of this is done, they're really very good. :)


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