Tuesday, December 21, 2010

tied up (with strings)

what's been up with you guys?
me? oh well..nothing much, really.
but here are a few things i've been up to,
and some lovely hints of things to come.

micaela's news was so hard to keep a secret! i'm SO, SO happy for max and her, this is truly the most wonderful piece of news and i CANNOT wait to hear all the moving and el paso stories! the weather is pretty insane there, so i have no doubt it will be a brilliant job for sir maxham and one great adventure for both of them.

yeah. i totally caved. and am now obsessed. watched the first season in about three days and am almost halfway through the second one. TOO good, too damn good.

saw black swan last week and LOVED IT. it is by far one of the best films i've ever seen and one of my most favorite performances by natalie portman. BUT, it isn't for everyone, haha, my friend carol hated it; it's got some 'graphic' stuff in it at times, but it didn't bother me too much as i was too interested to see what was going to happen to nina (portman) and this swan that seemed to be growing inside her. (but won't say any more, you have to see it for yourself! HAVE to!)

and speaking of possibly oscar canditates, i am more excited than words can express to see true grit sometime over the weekend. the whole cast in this movie looks so wonderful and i'm kind of a sucker for a funny-ish jeff bridges character, hehe.

have taken about 300 or so photos for blogging recently, but have so overwhelmed with it, that i just sort of shut down and obviously haven't blogged at all for a bit. but! to start off some much needed and delayed blog therapy, i'll be posting about a giveaway thursday!


  1. I was way into Dexter! Also I have been hearing a lot about this Black Swan movie lately, I never even saw any previews about it. It must be good though. I love your blog btw, oh and I am Heidi:)

  2. I can't wait to see Black Swan! I didn't think it was coming to the Gump, but a friend of mine said it is... maybe in January. I'll just have to be patient I guess.

  3. YOU ARE THE CUTEST!!! :) i knew i had to tell you about our surprise wedding asap.

    Dexter-- BRILLIANT! can't wait to discuss it :) michael c. hall-- AMAZING!!!

    "Black Swan"- twinkie had a girl's date to see it and loved it. i really wanna see it!

    that last paragraph is how i've been feeling with this move... but with a new place FINALLY set, i'm feeling TONS better! looking forward to our phone date :) xoxo

  4. I saw True Grit a couple of weeks ago and totally loved it. Definitely worth seeing in the theatre for the gigantic landscape panoramas. It's so beautiful. Looking forward to seeing Black Swan, too, though everyone says it's pretty gruesome. I'm going to spend some time this evening checking out some of the blogs you mentioned in your latest post. Following you now, too!




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