Friday, March 12, 2010

cherry bomb

I am BEYOND excited for this film to come out. Seriously, can the 19th come any faster? 'Cherry Bomb' is one of my favorite songs and surprisingly -unlike most re-makes- the Dakota Fanning/Kristen Stewart re-do is awesome. But I recommend listening to the original first of course...

^Original with the amazing Cherie Currie & Joan Jett filmed in Japan, 1977. It really is crazy how much Kristen Stewart looks like Joan Jett isn't it?

^ Re-make sung by Dakota Fanning & Kristen Stewart. Only complaint I have is that Dakota Fanning's voice is a little too high compared to Cherie Currie's.

For more on the film and the real Runaways, you can visit the film website and watch the trailer HERE; and learn more about The Runaways via their official site, HERE.

Mail & Oscar highlights tomorrow! (Been a looooong day, so no time and energy for a huge post, sorry!) Love you guys, thanks so much to all the new people following!

May your life be filled with great music,
- L


  1. Lauren!

    The friend who went with me to Norway is going to Naples next week. Any recommendation for fun/cool things to do? She's visiting her in-laws in a retirement community... :S

  2. i am also a huge fan of this song and am anxious to see this movie. i think Dakota Fanning will be perfect and although i get a lot of grief for it.. I LOVE Kristen Stewart, I find her awkwardness so charming and i think she is a refreshing change from the other young women hollywood has to offer.

    ps thank you for your comments on my blog i am happy to have found yours.


you're brilliant, thanks so much for commenting!