Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a thrifting adventure

Last week, S and I (along with his partner) went thrifting. All day long. Yes, it was a lovely adventure.

The point of the trip was to build S a new wardrobe as he would wear the same generic plain t-shirt and shorts combination every single day. I think the total at the end of the day was around $50 for his loot of about 15 shirts, 5-10 pairs of jeans and pants PLUS the infamous $6.50 suit. It was so much fun shopping with him because A. - I love and know a lot about men's fashion and he doesn't, so I got to teach him a few things. And B. - Even though we were already close, I think it was a really good day of bonding.

I basically was on the hunt for more records and would up bringing home 20+, including a very special one for Miss Micaela. I also found a pretty vintage dress that I love and got for only $2 on sale; but it's going to take a bit more of my juice diet to fit into comfortable-ly. It looks like it's from the 60's and was marked with the 50% off tag that week, so I just couldn't NOT get it, right?

My next post I'll post photos of something else adventurous that happened the following day, which I'm still getting used to, but! For now, here's some little memories from the day.

Because I have an odd taste in art, I LOVED this print. But no, didn't buy it because I already have too much art that ISN'T hanging up in my apartment. 

 It was a 'My Fair Lady' kind of day. I found 3 different MFL play and movie records.

We couldn't get over how awesome and hilarious this shirt was.  

My heart skipped a beat when I found this treasure.  

S is six feet tall and I made the comment that since I'd never seen him in jeans, when he tried on all these different pairs, it somehow made him look even taller. 

An owl find that I'm going to send to Lady Danielle

'Only an overweight drag queen on vacation would wear this.'

Creepy, ugly jackets we lost lungs laughing at. 

These shoes photograph better than they look in real life.  

I almost, almost bought this.  

Every Goodwill we went to had this many records or even more. I was in thrifting heaven. 

Mr Cole went on my record player and hasn't left since last Wednesday. 

 Before our last couple stops, we headed to Five Guys to get some dinner.

I took this picture right before i stood up and spilled my entire drink all over the my chair and the floor. Good thing we were the only ones there on that rainy day.

Isn't it so atheral and lovely? You could not have said no as well, right? 

And here is the oh so infamous $6.50 suit. Can you tell he was thrilled with this find?


  1. Loving your posts of late love :) I definitely wouldn't have passed that dress up either - you will look so lovely in it! Your thrifting adventures looked like so much fun! I'd love to come thrift with you :D Hope you've been well lately. I feel sad we've been out of touch. I hope things with you have been okay. I've not forgotten you by any means :)

  2. thrifting AND five guys?! my heart needs this STAT! ;) i loooove your photos Lauren!!! and that you're a girl that loves Cole and buys a dress cos she KNOWS it's going to fit her (that's me too ha) and for $2-- oh man, it'd be a CRIME not to buy it! it's sooo pretty!!! <3 i adore you for thinking of me-- thrifting date would be a dream come true!

    ps. i got called into work last night... ugh, so i'm sorry to miss you but you MUST know i'm eager to hear about your latest... le sigh!

  3. Fun! I went thrifting Monday... well sort of. I just went to buy the writing desk I called all over town trying to find! It's huge and lovely, but I'm debating on whether I want to paint it or not. We'll see... ;)

  4. Thrifting is so much fun! Even if I don't come home with anything, I still love looking through all the treasures!


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